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Expense Management

Don’t let expense management cost you.

Paylocity’s new expense management tool, Web Expense, not only changes the way expenses are filed, submitted, and approved, but also brings robust data and reports directly to you.

Create & submit expense reports intuitively.

Capture receipts directly from a mobile device using the Paylocity App.

Categorize expenses by type, i.e. travel, meals, supplies, etc.

Get reimbursed for company expenses in a timely manner.

Revolutionize the way you do expenses.

As a part of Paylocity’s HCM platform, Web Expense simplifies payroll by pulling approved expenses automatically into Web Pay and adding the reimbursement to your employee’s next paycheck—eliminating spreadsheets, calculators, and signatures along the way.

Beyond simplifying how employees manage expenses, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce time between submitting and approving expenses
  • Reimburse employees quickly while reducing errors
  • Decrease the endless stacks of paper and spreadsheets
  • Generate spend reports based on reimbursement data
  • Increase job efficiency and employee satisfaction