What’s New Blog | August 2023

September 13, 2023

August 2023 Releases: Video Archive, Guardian Integration Enhancements and More.

In today’s world of modern workforce management, organization, adaptability, and effective communication are key. And, as your business evolves, you deserve the tools you use daily to adapt as well. In August, Paylocity released new features like Video archives, Guardian integration enhancements, and more to enhance user experience and help you thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

Organize and manage video content

Efficiently managing your Video Hub has never been easier with the ability to now archive and delete content. Streamline your overall content management process by archiving videos to effortlessly store away content for future use. This not only declutters your Video Hub, but also ensures that important and valuable materials are readily available for various purposes such as team training, onboarding, or as references. With the power to archive and delete, you're equipped to maintain a well-organized and highly functional Video Hub that supports your team's needs and optimizes your workflow.


Enhance efficiency and accuracy of enrollment changes with Guardian

Simplify the process of communicating enrollment changes to Guardian with the latest integration enhancements. With these new features, you can easily retrieve plan setup details and member information directly from Guardian, streamlining the entire communication procedure. In addition, an intuitive API allows you to send member enrollment updates directly to Guardian so you can leverage Paylocity's reporting capabilities to swiftly identify and rectify any potential errors that might arise during the process.

Keep stakeholders informed during the interview process

Empower your hiring team and keep them informed with enhanced communication tools. The latest update in Recruiting introduces a range of convenient interview invite options. Easily invite additional team members as optional attendees to ensure important information reaches the appropriate people without the need to leave Recruiting or create a calendar event. Foster smooth collaboration and ensure everyone stays in the loop during the interview process.

Maximize accuracy of evaluations

Efficient performance communication and management are crucial for fostering growth and development within your organization. With an easy-to-read format designed for simple interaction and consumption of the data, new employee filters help you create and maintain comprehensive employee journals for this purpose. By using employee filters in your journal process, you can quickly refine your selections and access specific information about each individual. This precision ensures that you're not only selecting the right employees and contributors but also gaining deeper insights into their contributions.

Moreover, performance customization possibilities are endless with tailored review forms. It's no secret that every organization has unique processes, and a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't cut it. With flexible review form configuration, you can now easily align the review experience to fit your organization’s unique structure and goals. From varying rating scales for different sections to the ability to decide which review items are displayed and which are hidden, this level of customization empowers you to craft a review process that truly reflects your company's needs.

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