What’s New Blog | September 2022

October 12, 2022

September 2022 Releases: Advanced Community Features, Enhanced Performance Management Experience, Time & Labor Notifications, and More.

Keeping employees engaged is no easy feat, but it’s critical to your success—Forbes recently noted that organizations with a positive relationship between and among their employees and management experience both higher retention rates and increased productivity. To balance the needs of employees, leaders, and organizations as a whole, our September feature releases provide HR with technology as connected to the business as they are: timesaving Community features, performance management optimizations, and more.

Simplify employee communication and interaction to promote engagement

Announcement templates

Quickly and easily create impactful, company-wide announcement posts with out-of-the-box templates. Save time in your day using our premade content templates such as employee engagement polls and tax season reminders, to drive up employee engagement and deliver important updates.

Disabling comments

In today’s society, important news and events can occur such as public health updates and new legislation that can impact employee morale and day-to-day business. It’s often important to acknowledge what happened and keep employees informed, but you may want to prioritize broadcasting the update. That's why you have the option to disable comments on announcements either before or after you post.

Post sharing

Workplace communication is essential and the availability of Team groups in Community make it easy to interact and stay connected. Now, you can share posts from others making it simple for employees to communicate and stay informed.

Promote employee development with an enhanced performance management experience

Performance Reviews

In the current job market, employee development is crucial. Employees want to know that you support them, and that they have the opportunity to grow at your company. Paylocity’s enhanced review taking experience with auto-save and electronic signature capabilities, allows for a seamless review process. All employee details and records are in one spot making it easy to navigate with clear steps to completion resulting in a faster, more intuitive review process.

Performance Tasks

Easily complete and keep track of performance tasks with direct access on your Self-Service Portal. When assigned performance tasks such as goals, reviews, and feedback, they will show up on your Tasks to Complete card for a seamless process.

Identify trends and pinpoint problem areas in the business to take appropriate action

Analyze survey responses and charts broken out by demographic information, such as cost center and supervisor, on the survey results dashboard. This makes company-wide data from pulse and other large-scale surveys simple to understand and analyze. For example, overall morale scores could be great, but breaking the results down provides visibility into certain teams or areas that are struggling and gives you insight to correct course.

Minimize tardiness and absenteeism by proactively notifying employees

Automatically send notifications, both mobile and email, to alert employees of an upcoming shift and/or a missed scheduled shift. Real time notifications reduce timecard corrections, increase attendance with fewer missed shifts, and promote prompt starts with less tardiness.

Stay connected whether you are at home, at the office, or on-the-go with Paylocity's mobile app

Life gets busy. With remote work, meetings, and travel, teams aren’t always in front of their computers. Paylocity’s mobile app simplifies on-the-go productivity, collaboration, and connection. Create groups, share posts, provide feedback, schedule employees, receive shift notifications—and more! — regardless of location.

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