What Is the Future of HCM? How to Prepare for Tomorrow with Modern HR & Payroll Solutions

September 13, 2023

With a century of disruptions heading our way, it’s time to create a plan and leverage a modern HR and payroll solution to prepare your organization for the future.

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Elatia Abate, Paylocity’s futurist-in-residence, warns, “We are at the precipice of the future of work. In the next five years, five billion people who have never had access to the internet or educational opportunities are expected to come online.

This means we’re embarking into a period of disruption humanity has never experienced before: 100 years of disruption in the next decade, to be precise. While this may seem daunting, it will generate more opportunity than we’ve ever seen as a workforce — if you embrace it with confidence and vision.”  

A key strategy for preparing for the future? Leveraging the right HR and payroll technology that can scale with your organization. Getting access to flexible tools and data that bring value now and well into the future will pave the way for you to meet and exceed your goals.  

Learn what you can do with a modern HCM platform to prepare today for success well beyond tomorrow, including:

  • Provide state-of-the-art recruiting and onboarding experiences.
  • Maintain compliance amid quickly changing laws and regulations.
  • Use real-time company data to drive successful workforce strategies.



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