Employee Experience: Three Drivers of Retention

October 20, 2023

Check out this infographic to see how your organization stacks up on the top employee retention factors.

To help organizations stem the tide of turnover, Paylocity evaluated common employee survey questions to determine what drives retention. Unlike other retention studies, which measure employees’ intent to stay, we looked at actual number of years workers remained employed.

Our research brought three themes to the forefront as key indicators of retention over five years and beyond.

How will you know if you are providing the kind of employee experience that creates a loyal and satisfied workforce?

Download our infographic to see how — and how much — these three factors impact retention.

We used insights from this study to inform and optimize Employee Voice, a tool that not only collects and analyzes employee sentiment data, but also provides recommendations to act on employee feedback at scale. Dig in deeper with our article, Decoding the Employee Experience: Top Retention Factors.


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