The Hidden Costs of Poor Employee Experience

April 09, 2021

See just how much time and money is wasted on the frustrating, outdated experiences that come from setting engagement on the back burner.

HR teams are buried under time-consuming, manual tasks, leaving little time and energy for building and implementing a strategy to improve employee experience. But the stakes are high when you have an unmotivated, disengaged workforce. According to McKinsey, disengaged employees cost businesses $450-$550 billion each year, and high performers are reportedly 400-800% more productive than average ones, depending on job complexity.

It can be difficult to understand what these numbers mean to your teams’ productivity on a day-to-day basis. That’s why we partnered with Deloitte to break down just how much time is lost on these tasks in core HR responsibility areas. The report, “Estimating the ROI of an HCM Solution,” reveals all the ways outdated, disjointed tasks with the potential for automation are wasting your precious resources and creating a poor employee experience. In turn, employee performance — and ultimately your bottom line — are suffering because of it.

Get our infographic to see some of the ways your business could be held back from being innovative, productive, and profitable by not focusing on modernizing your employee experience.


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