Employee Design Thinking: A Strategic Approach to HR Initiatives with Lorraine King

October 26, 2023

Get ready to revolutionize your workplace with employee design thinking and digital workplace adoption.


In this episode of the HR Mixtape, host Shari Simpson interviews Lorraine King, the Director of Employee Experience and Adoption for Digital Workplace at Haleon. Lorraine shares her experience in EX and user-centric design thinking, product management, and change management. She discusses the exciting HR technologies coming out of the Viva space and how they have transformed employee engagement and innovation at Haleon.

Listeners will learn about the importance of HR in driving technology adoption and prioritizing employee experience. They will also learn about the impact of new technology on employees and the need for ongoing commitment to adoption and training efforts. Additionally, the podcast discusses the importance of thorough research and planning, managing expectations, measuring success, and addressing different segments of the audience. Shari and Lorraine also explore the challenges and opportunities of employee experience in the future, including knowledge management, empowerment, training, technology accessibility, simplification, change management, effective communication, engagement, collaboration, and employee design thinking.

Lorraine is an experienced professional who has worked a wide array of technical, infrastructure, and business-facing strategic and operational roles for a Fortune 500 company. With a demonstrated history of leadership positions across tech, Lorraine has experience in EX and user-centric design thinking, Product Management, Service Management, Communications and Change management, and was responsible for managing multiple cloud-based Virtual Collaboration solutions in a global enterprise. Lorraine has an M.B.A. with a Global Perspective focused in International Business, and her undergrad was earned at Hofstra University's Honors College in Business Marketing.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Lorraine King

Director of Employee Experience and Adoption for Digital Workplace

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