Tech Talk: Balancing Employee Engagement and Mental Health in the Digital Era with David Pinkawa

June 06, 2023

Struggling to find balance in the tech world? From AI advancements to nurturing mental wellness, technology has turned the industry on its head.
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Listen to tech industry expert Dave Pinkawa, dive deep into the crucial topics of employee engagement and mental health in the ever-evolving tech sector. Dave shares his fascinating journey into tech, starting from a political science degree and paving his own path through self-training and certifications. We explore the impact of recent industry turbulence, including layoffs and the influence of AI on hiring practices. Dave sheds light on how tech companies are realigning their employee populations post-pandemic and harnessing AI, like Chat GPT, as powerful training tools. Dave encourages individuals to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences, highlighting the value of a supportive and collaborative tech community.

Dave Pinkawa is a father of two and an IT Professional with an unconventional degree in Political Science. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner, is always looking to improve not only technical skills but also social ones. Outside of work, aside from chasing after a toddler and infant, he's the author of technical blogs, articles, and videos on IT Automation.


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Dave Pinkawa

Engineering Manager of Virtualization

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