The Art of Visual Storytelling with Geoffrey Klein

March 26, 2024

Learn how to connect with your audience through visual storytelling in this insightful podcast episode!

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In this episode of the "HR Mixtape" podcast, host Shari Simpson interviews Geoffrey Klein, also known as Mr. Purple, a TEDx speaker and visual content producer. They discuss the power of storytelling in HR and how to effectively incorporate visuals into communication strategies. Geoffrey shares insights from his experience in the film industry and emphasizes the importance of relatability in storytelling.

Geoffrey Klein, aka Mr. Purple, is a TEDX speaker, an adjunct professor and a visual content producer and author of, THE CONTENT BEAST: Create Story Driven Content to Connect With Your Audience.  Geoffrey helps people and organizations communicate more effectively through the power of story. He currently serves as President & CEO of nine dots, a visual content company that helps businesses share their message to connect with their audience.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Geoffrey Klein

President & CEO
nine dots

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