Unlocking Passion and Purpose in Leadership with Marc Koehler

August 02, 2023

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In this episode, Mark Koehler, a former US Navy nuclear submarine officer turned leadership consultant, shares his experience in the Navy and how it shaped his leadership skills. His journey from aspiring jet fighter pilot to program founder is all about overcoming obstacles and finding purpose. Join us as we delve into Mark's transition from Navy life to his current role as a leadership consultant.

Marc Koehler is the founder of leadership development firm Lead With Purpose, author of the award-winning book Leading With Purpose, and host of the Surfacing Leaders podcast. He teaches organizations how to achieve both collective and personal Leadership Readiness through Fast Attack Leadership™ and E3 Cultures™. A former U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer and turnaround CEO, Marc turned $1M in training and 35+ years of leadership experience into a program that was forged by the sea and tailored for land, now being used by over 46,000 leaders and employees to create engaged, motivated, and successful leaders at every level that are empowered to make decisions at speed for this new, disruptive world.

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Marc Koehler

Marc Koehler

Lead with Purpose
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