The Future of HCM Now: See the Latest in Paylocity HCM Tech

October 02, 2023

See how Paylocity’s newest HCM software enhancements make it easier to build culture at scale — all on one platform.

How does the future work? With a modern HCM solution that simplifies the every day using next-gen HR technology.

Smarter scheduling, faster communication, deeper data insights, and competitive pay benchmarking save HR countless hours and connect employees across the organization. Get a glimpse into the future with Paylocity’s newest features, including:

  • Time Collection: Simplify timekeeping with our user-friendly mobile app that puts everyday tools at your workers’ fingertips.
  • Scheduling: Optimize coverage with role-based scheduling and make it easy for eligible workers to claim open shifts.
  • AI Assist: Improve communication across your organization using generative AI to create messages, job descriptions, and more.
  • Recognition & Rewards: Boost employee engagement and reward employees who go above and beyond.
  • Employee Voice: Build culture at scale with automated surveys, plus increase engagement with data-based recommendations and action tracking.
  • Market Pay: Win and keep top talent by benchmarking your compensation structures against current market data.

Check out the video to see how Paylocity can make the future work for you.


HCM in the Palm of Your Hand

Now more than ever, you need tools suitable for a hybrid, on-the-go workforce. With employees working in the field, from home, or from multiple locations, a mobile solution where they can easily request time off, submit expense reports, or check timecards is critical to keep them connected in the new landscape of work. See how our mobile app can empower your teams.