How to Equip Your Organization in the Age of Flexibility

June 07, 2021

As HR teams begin to consider the implications of a “new normal,” employees expect that employers will bring greater levels of flexibility into the future.

In thinking about a post-pandemic world, McKinsey recently noted, “Yet even as leaders take action to re-energize their people and organizations, the most forward looking see a larger opportunity—the chance to build on pandemic-related accomplishments and reexamine (or even reimagine) the organization’s identity, how it works, and how it grows.”

Our group of HR leaders will cover:

  • How heightened connectivity, unprecedented automation, and shifting demographics will impact the workforce of the future
  • Ways to build flexibility into employee hours, schedules, office usage, and locations
  • Ideas around giving employees more flexibility to learn, grow, and develop in their current roles
  • Tips for balancing employee preferences for flexibility with an organization’s ability to stay connected
  • Tools to keep employees productive in flexible environments

Learn from our expert presenters:

Scott Jennings

Director of Industry Strategy, Checkr

Kate Grimaldi

Director of Strategic Talent Management & HR, Paylocity

John Nicholson

Sr. Director, Client Operations, KNA Solutions

Kate Holsapple

VP, People Operations, Remind


Put the Power in Their Hands

Give your employees the power to do it on their own with Employee Self Service (ESS). With secure, 24/7 access to their information, ESS gives employees one convenient place to view checks, request time off, print tax documents, clock in and out, and connect with their peers. And it’s quick and easy for supervisors to approve requests and view scheduling, putting more time back in your day to work on other initiatives.

Employee Self Service