Provocative HR: Unpacking the Tough Stuff

August 20, 2024

Take a deep dive into the most challenging and sensitive issues facing HR professionals today.

Webinar: August 20, 2024 12pm CT

"Provocative HR: Unpacking the Tough Stuff" is a deep dive into the most challenging and sensitive issues facing HR professionals today. This panel discussion brings together seasoned experts in the field of human resources to share their insights and strategies for navigating complex workplace situations. This webinar will arm HR professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to tackle provocative topics head-on, from addressing sensitive employee concerns to managing organizational changes with compassion and compliance. You can engage in a thought-provoking conversation that promises to enhance your HR practices, ensuring they are compliant, deeply empathetic, and forward-thinking.

Key Objectives:

  1. Navigate Complex HR Issues: Understand how to approach and resolve the most sensitive and complex HR challenges with confidence and compliance.
  2. Gain Expert Insights: Learn from experienced HR professionals who successfully manage provocative topics, gaining strategies and perspectives to enhance your HR practices.
  3. Enhance HR Practices: Develop a more compassionate, inclusive, and forward-thinking approach to HR, ensuring your organization's policies and practices reflect the highest standards of empathy and understanding.

This session qualifies for one HRCI and SHRM recertification credit.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Tim Sackett

President of HRU Technical Resources

Josh Rock

Talent Acquisition Manager
Nuss Truck Group Inc.

John Baldino


Steve Browne

Chief People Officer
LaRosa's, Inc
Mary Williams

Mary Williams

Head of People
Pinnacle Advertising
Kyra Matkovich

Kyra Matkovich

Principal Human Resources Business Partner
Exact Sciences

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