Being [At Work] Podcast Describes Paylocity Client Transitioning Off Two PEOs Simultaneously

January 31, 2022

A new HR leader works with Paylocity to unite separate systems all under one unified platform – while working for leadership alignment in a remote environment.

Jill Mullens, Director of Human Resources for Paylocity client Pendrick Capital Partners, was interviewed recently for the Being [At Work] Podcast, a leading show for people-first leaders, CHROs and VPs of HR. The interview provides a roadmap for HR Leaders grappling with monumental change within their organizations. Mullens tells how she worked with Paylocity to transition from two different Professional Employer Organization (PEO) models to an all-in-one HR platform.

Pendrick had gone through a period of explosive growth, including an acquisition that grew the company from less than 100 employees to more than 300. In her first month, Mullens was asked to unite several merged cultures and unravel decentralized HR systems – including transitioning off the PEOs.

“Everybody was sort of doing their own thing, from timekeeping and payroll to policies and procedures,” Mullens said. She was determined to maintain the company’s culture while making the changes needed for a fast-growing organization.

As a new employee, Mullens was still establishing relationships with her leadership team in a remote environment, while unifying her HR team. She spent time with leaders to uncover their pain points – what to retain and what to change when consolidating into a right-sized platform that would foster collaboration and improve employee engagement. Mullens placed considerable effort on gathering feedback and assembling a detailed list of needs and requirements. As she worked with her team to create a transition plan, she made sure to overcommunicate and provide frequent updates to leadership.

The podcast covered Pendrick’s partnership with Paylocity, which host Andrea Butcher called “ingredients for a successful partnership that anyone can learn from.”

“They were very relationship-oriented and really helped us through the process,” said Mullens. She said the Paylocity team took the time to know Pendrick by asking questions, making them feel special, and making them feel heard.

“There were some decision points that we had to work through, and it was nice having that relationship and them understanding our pain points,” she added. “They really helped us feel comfortable about the questions and concerns we had.”

The HR Director also described a key moment when she gained complete buy-in from a senior leader. They were driving to a business meeting during the kick-off call with the Paylocity Implementation team. As he heard the interaction firsthand, he commented to Mullens about the impact the new system would have on the company. “I think people will come on board with change if they understand why we’re doing something and how it can make our lives better,” she shared.

With leadership approvals and a new partner in place, the Pendrick HR team is now focused on continual improvement.

“Even though there were a lot of early mornings and late nights, we knew it was going to be better on the other end,” Mullens said. “That was the thing that drove my team.”

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