What's New Blog | August 2021

September 14, 2021

August 2021 Releases: Features to Support DEI, Updates for Compliance in CA, and More.

At Paylocity we continue to focus on the wellbeing of employees and supporting your team. This includes new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) tools to help your team bring their authentic selves to work -- which research suggests is essential for psychological wellbeing -- and helping ensure your team is always in compliance with state and local regulations so you can focus on your employees.

Cross-Suite: Create an environment that fosters diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI)

We’ve continued to add features across the Paylocity product suite that help you drive an inclusive employee experience and provide insights into employees’ needs. For instance, candidate masking in Recruiting hides certain DEI information while you’re evaluating candidates so you can reduce bias in the process—but still collect the data for tracking your progress against DEI initiatives. Create an environment where employees feel supported by the ability to share pronouns and their preferred name. And, the Demographics Dashboard provides a view of the workforce that enables leaders to customize, fund, and deploy strategies to support diverse and underrepresented groups. Federal and State EEO reporting capabilities are included. We’ve put together resources to help you get started in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Adoption Kit.


Payroll: Stay in compliance with new California meal & rest break pay rules

As of July 15th, 2021, California requires meals and rest breaks to be paid at the regular rate of pay, calculated using all non-discretionary pay earned during the workweek. For employers in California, we’ve created a standard, reusable custom calculation code, earning code, and code group that automates this calculation for you. Other recently added functionality to support state-specific requirements include the option for a standard check stub that shows total hours worked, and support for the Connecticut Paid Family Leave tax.

Workforce Management: Communicate lunches and breaks more clearly

Managers can now add and edit lunches and breaks in a dedicated space within a shift, helping ensure clear communication to employees, reduce coverage issues, and avoid meal premium accruals. This also allows managers to impact the estimated pay level durations calculated for the shift.


Surveys: Allow re-taking surveys to receive ongoing feedback

You can now configure surveys to allow participants to submit multiple responses. This functionality is useful for surveys that you may want to leave open to collect feedback, suggestions, or ideas on an ongoing basis. In fact, we've added an “Ideas and Suggestions” survey template to the template library, so you can easily collect ongoing feedback from your team. While you’re there, check out the other pre-existing templates like the pulse survey template and benefits satisfaction template.


Community: Ensure group members never miss an update with updated group notification settings

Group administrators can now automatically subscribe all members to group notifications and posted content by changing the group notification settings to “on by default”. “Off by default” is also an option. Paired with features like by-group permission configurability, you can ensure employees always see the updates relevant to them.

Learning: Assign and track in-person training for a holistic view of learning at your organization

We understand that not all training happens in Paylocity, and you may be tracking in-person learning manually. Now, you can schedule and track attendance for in-person training directly within the Paylocity LMS (Learning Management System) so that all types of training are captured in and can be reported from Paylocity. Attendees can also receive calendar invites (if they have email set up) and accept and join based on information in the invite, just as they would for any online training.


For content producers, we also released a one-click recorder in LMS so you can easily create and add video content to courses for more engaging courses.

If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details: