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Technology has changed the game for communication at work. Bulletin boards and emails get lost behind texts and push notifications that grab attention first. Community is our integrated, mobile-friendly social collaboration tool designed to centralize accurate and timely company info while giving employees the peer collaboration and connection they crave so they can be more engaged, aware, and productive.

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Create a Culture of Transparency


Keep employees in-the-know with consistent, accurate company updates. Our online sharing platform, Community, makes access and awareness easy. And it's already at your fingertips, because our collaboration tools are included as part of Employee Self Service and the mobile app.

  • Create a central hub for important info, like emergency notices and time-sensitive announcements.
  • Connect colleagues around specific projects, interests, and initiatives from every team, level, and location with our team communication tools.
  • Reach employees at their desk or on their phone, even without a company email address.
  • Manage announcements from a convenient dashboard where you can schedule, send, and see view count.
  • Give employees the chance to recognize each other publicly and use polls to collect feedback.
  • Gather utilization data, like activity and responses following announcements, to drive decisions.
  • Enable social collaboration without the need for additional HR or IT resources.
  • Empower a modern workforce that desires transparency, connection, and recognition.

Cultivate Curiosity

Knowing who to turn to with questions can often be a struggle for employees. Point them in the right direction with Ask an Expert group types. Set up Community groups for employees to ask questions, either confidentially or publicly, to designated admins. Questions are routed and stored in a dashboard for an organized view.

Come Together in Community

Activity Feed
Increase awareness with a real-time stream of company updates, announcements, employee milestones, birthdays, and more.
Ensure company updates and news are highly visible and don’t get lost in an inbox or missed in the breakroom.
Create a place for employees to ask questions and get answers, discuss shared interests, and get work done.
Accelerate conversations by @mentioning coworkers to comment, add points of view, or answer questions.
Engage coworkers and receive real-time feedback using multiple-choice questions that anyone can create.
Turn traditional business communication into interactive conversations using reactions while enhancing collaboration.
Choose which information and individuals to track, based on your team, position, projects, and interests.
Get real-time notifications through the mobile app and via email so you never miss out on a conversation or update.

Announce, Celebrate, Connect

Learn how Community helped companies collaborate and communicate to drive employee engagement and a culture of transparency.

How It Worked for Paylocity

As always, we use our own products. See how we used our team collaboration software, Community, to listen and engage with employees to foster an environment of openness.

New Generations and New Expectations

The modern workforce is driving key workplace trends, like easy, frequent feedback from peers and managers and collaboration from anywhere.

Connect like never before with Premium Video

Break through the clutter of emails and written words to create an engaging, personalized employee experience.

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Data Insights

Monitor key metrics, identify trends and make smarter, data-backed decisions with visual dashboards.


Get the most out of your workday with the freedom to connect to Paylocity anywhere, at any time.


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