Paylocity Learning and Development Ranks in Top 15 Worldwide by the Association for Talent Development

In an environment where learning and development are employee expectations, read how Paylocity’s efforts have led to client success.

Paylocity has been ranked 14th among the top 72 companies worldwide for employee talent development, which ultimately impacts the Learning Management System tools and resources that the company provides for clients. The Association for Talent Development (ATD) BEST Award is the talent development industry’s most rigorous and coveted recognition. The global program recognizes organizations that demonstrate enterprise-wide success through talent development, and entrants included small and large private, public, and not-for-profit organizations from around the world. ATD unveiled a numerical ranking of the top 20 at its International Conference & Exposition recently. Paylocity was the only major HR and Payroll software provider in the list.

Judges looked for companies using talent development as a strategic business tool to get results. Winners demonstrated excellence in different aspects of talent development, making up the BEST acronym: “These companies are Building talent Enterprise wide, and Strategically driving a Talent development culture that delivers results.”

“Employee learning and development is more important than ever,” said Joe Dusing, senior director of learning and development for Paylocity. “When employees don’t have the necessary skills or training, it’s harder for them to excel in their jobs. A lack of skills hurts culture, effectiveness, and profits. Our team works tirelessly to create a great learning experience for our employees, which translates to better products for clients who rely on our LMS.”

The ATD BEST application included in-depth questions about how the talent development team helps to train and develop employees for the future of work. “Future of work” has a dual meaning -- both the future state of the workplace and the future of an individual’s work experience. According to Dusing, the top questions college applicants ask are “How am I going to be developed?” and “Where is the map, so I can see my trajectory in this company?”

“If your existing employees don’t know where they’re going, then they’ll seek growth elsewhere, especially when so many are being heavily recruited,” he added. “If there’s no route for development, there is no route for attracting talent.”

Another area explored by judges was the way Paylocity views its clients as co-creators, gathering valuable feedback to iterate and improve. During the pandemic, Paylocity and clients built on existing employee experiences throughout the platform like the ability for employees to create their own training content in LMS. Other experiences include native video capabilities within announcements, journaling, performance reviews, or On Demand Payment.

The Paylocity learning and development team has contributed resources and guidance on the thousands of resources in the company’s PEAK knowledge base to help clients stay current and upskill. In FY2021 alone, Paylocity clients engaged in roughly 300,000 training hours throughout the system, with nearly 700,000 completions within Learning Management.

One client, Audrey Gustin, HR coordinator at Baxter Auto Group, commented, "The Paylocity LMS has made a big difference in advancing our development goals. We’ve utilized the Paylocity training content, as well as creating and uploading our own, enhancing new hire orientation, safety education, and more,” she said. “The LMS will play a key role in helping our employees reach their career goals while serving our guests in a greater capacity."

Another client in the manufacturing industry found similar impact. “We've had nothing but good feedback from the Paylocity LMS,” stated Kristi Stuetzer, vice president of HR for Revere Plastics. “It’s important to keep our employees engaged through training while also helping them develop in their careers. The Paylocity LMS helps us drive our training and development program which helps our employees, business, and customers.”

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is the world’s largest association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations. More than 30,000 ATD members come from more than 120 countries and work in private and public organizations in every industry sector. You can read a full listing of the ATD’s BEST award rankings for 2022 here.


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