Paylocity Named an Overall Leader in G2 Fall Grid Report for 16th Consecutive Quarter

September 22, 2022

Read why customers ranked Paylocity an overall leader for all 12 product categories in the G2 Fall 2022 Grid Reports for the 16th straight quarter.

Paylocity has been named an overall leader for all 12 HRIS product categories in the G2 Fall 2022 Grid Reports, marking 16 consecutive quarters – four years - where the company achieved its leader ranking. G2 also showcased Paylocity as the top Time Tracking software platform in 2022.

Paylocity has an overall 4.4 (out of 5) rating based on more than 2,000 client reviews, including recognition as a leader in the Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business segments. The leader ranking is based on high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from actual Paylocity users on G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

In the Enterprise segment, Paylocity was named a leader in eight categories: Payroll, Core HR, Benefits Administration, Onboarding, Workforce Management, Performance Management, Corporate Learning Management Systems, and Human Resource Management. Paylocity continues to expand its reach in the Enterprise segment, having earned Best Support and Best Estimated ROI badges for Benefits Administration for the G2 Fall 2022 Grid Reports.

“Paylocity improves how we connect with our people, and that has a direct impact on our organization," says Holly Stiver, HR Director from Crown Technical Systems. "We've streamlined and automated many processes, which allows us to focus on the strategic aspects of the work. We're able to communicate more consistently through Community and engage our workforce more often with meaningful content. What’s more, we continue to make better, more informed business decisions with Data Insights and the Modern Workforce Index.”

Paylocity was ranked an overall leader in the following categories:

  • Payroll
  • Core HR
  • Human Resource Management Systems
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Performance Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Corporate Learning Management Systems
  • Benefits Administration
  • Expense Management
  • Travel & Expense
  • Workforce Management

“Four consecutive years of leadership on the G2 Grid Reports validates how our platform supports clients at every step on their HR and payroll journey,” said Rachit Lohani, Chief Technology Officer, Paylocity. “We are truly thankful for our partnership with clients – and our product, go-to-market, and service teams who earn their trust every day. Paylocity not only streamlines and automates manual processes, but also helps clients focus on their employees - attracting talent, developing employees, and building a culture of communication and collaboration.”

Streamline and Automate Manual Tasks

Paylocity’s Core HR tools help companies streamline their HR processes, which frees HR leaders to focus on the strategic work they're passionate about—and adds the most value to their organization. Clients also appreciate tracking headcount and status for positions, viewing data to drive business decisions, and collecting employee documents all in one place. Our platform helps solve the most basic HR and payroll needs while also providing robust reporting and data insights to clients to help them make better, more data-driven decisions.

“If you are looking for an easy-going system that doesn't give you headaches at the moment of a new hire, Paylocity is the one to go with,” says Paylocity G2 reviewer Paola Vergel. “Timecard management and payroll processes are super easy with Paylocity, as well as keeping up with employees onboarding tasks and files.”

Attract and Retain Talent

Streamlining and automating HR and payroll processes isn’t enough to get companies where they want to go, because legacy HR software was designed to get employees to complete HR transactions. But legacy HR software can often fall short of providing HR professionals the opportunity to drive engagement and connection amongst their employees. Paylocity is built to not only give employers and employees what they need to automate processes but also provide engaging tools to drive collaboration. Today’s always-connected employees want to belong and feel empowered to grow, and they increasingly expect a work experience that resembles the apps and technologies they use in their personal lives. These needs come to life in the competitive job market, where employers are finding better ways to make a powerful first impression and connect with candidates from the start.

Paylocity clients have reported great results engaging candidates with automated recruiting and onboarding software. They rely on human elements offered on the platform such as video job postings and text messaging to convey information while also allowing leaders to reinforce company culture. And when new hires start, invitations to groups on Community and regular employee surveys make them feel welcome—even before day one.

“We have solved the problem of sending new hire paperwork back and forth through onboarding. It has been a game changer, especially now with more of a remote workforce,” says G2 reviewer Rachael Sobon. “We also just launched On Demand Pay and have received great feedback from the staff.”

Build Culture and Connection

Employee experience is more important than ever in today’s work environment. Companies need to meet employees where they are and make company values a part of the day-to-day work. Modern employees want to be successful and grow in their roles, but they also want to create connections, communicate, and collaborate with their co-workers. These needs were accelerated by the pandemic, Great Resignation, and the new workplace trend of quiet quitting.

Reviewers using Paylocity features such as Community (a social collaboration hub), Premium Video (personalized communications), and Peer Recognition are creating a better sense of belonging for their employees. And new features across the platform to enable Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility are making an impact.

“Paylocity has allowed me to gather and consolidate multiple processes and workflows into one integrated space making it easy to manage and analyze,” says Paylocity G2 reviewer Donald Rose. “On top of that it has allowed me to create and foster a culture of community and inclusion across the organization through the Community functionality! As a bonus Paylocity has already reduced our paper usage and is eliminating a number of emails through its capable functionalities.”

Consistent Performance Across Markets

Beyond seeing increasing momentum in the Enterprise segment, Paylocity's rankings in the mid-market have remained consistently strong for more than four years. And once again, the company achieved similar Leader ratings for the small business HRIS segment in 11 areas.

In addition, Paylocity was named a Momentum Leader in 11 categories, recognizing its fast growth while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Momentum leaders are ranked in the top 25% of their category's products.

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To see Paylocity’s G2 badges and other recognition for Paylocity and its all-in-one platform, go to our awards page or contact us for a HRIS demo today.


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