When it comes to selecting vendors and services to streamline different business functions, there is no shortage of options. Companies of all shapes and size select vendors based expertise, price, location, delivery model, etc. Your clients are likely no different.


But when companies are forced to choose a vendor that does not fit their needs, simply because integration with their current systems is unavailable, the company suffers. Additionally, the lack of integration between selected vendors may be costing your clients a precious commodity – time.


Paylocity’s software platform was built on the belief that clients should have the ability to choose the right vendors for their business. Paylocity offers 360° integration with many Insurance, Retirement, and Time & Labor vendors. Additionally, 180° Integration is available with hundreds more. This integration significantly reduces the administrative burden on your clients, freeing up precious time for their Payroll and HR professionals. It also allows for easier access to pertinent client information for you.


Paylocity’s 360° integration is designed so your clients enter relevant employee information only once. The information then flows automatically between Paylocity and your client’s provider. Here is an example of how Paylocity’s 360° Integration works with a Retirement Provider:


Paylocity Integration


Your clients shouldn’t be forced to choose a vendor that doesn’t fit their needs. With Paylocity’s 360° Integration, they won’t have to. Contact your Paylocity District Manager today to learn more.