In an effort to streamline common workforce-related tasks and functions, many organizations are turning to Payroll and HCM software solutions. But in doing so, many of these organizations face the dreaded compromise between great technology OR great customer service. Paylocity’s mission is to eliminate that compromise.


Unlike other Payroll and HCM software providers, Paylocity is a technology company at its core. With some of the best product developers, software engineers, and IT professionals available, Paylocity takes a unique approach to developing HCM solutions.


Paylocity develops its solutions with the end-user in mind. How are Payroll and HR professionals performing essential tasks? And beyond that, what steps in the process are redundant, complex, or unnecessary? By determining the answers to these questions, Paylocity’s Product Development team is able to build solutions that provide the functionality essential to streamlining these tasks.


But great technology is just part of the equation.


Regardless of how effective and easy-to-use a software solution may be, there are always going to be issues to address and questions to answer. This concept is why Paylocity focuses a significant amount of time and resources on ensuring that every client receives the support and training they need.


With dedicated account managers assigned to every single client and teams that oversee every account manager, Paylocity takes customer service very seriously. This dedication to providing outstanding customer services has resulted in Paylocity’s top-of-the-industry client retention rate of over 92%.


Choosing between great technology OR great customer service is no longer necessary. At Paylocity, our commitment to the partnership of great technology AND great customer service has allowed our clients to move Payroll and HR from the Backroom to the Boardroom.