The IRS has been continuously making efforts to strengthen the identity authentication process for several self-help tools. The IRS is taking an another step forward to protect taxpayer and tax prepared data, along with their systems from cybercriminals’ attacks through “Secure Access.” Anyone currently holding an e-Services account will be affected by this new change.


On October 24, stronger identity verification processes will be implemented for existing and new e-Services user accounts. Existing e-Services users must re-validate their identities to maintain their access to e-Services by re-registering and verifying their identities through the new Secure Access platform.



On and after October 24, the account holder will be directed to update their account information through Secure Access Process, which includes the following:

  Identity proofing

  Financial verification

  Mobile phone verification (The name of the person who is registering must be associated with that mobile phone account. If it is not, the IRS will send activation code in the mail via USPS, which will take an additional 5-10 business days.)


Secure Access Process consists of two factors, meaning once the registration is completed successfully for all returning users, they must provide their credentials (username and password) and the security code received via text message. The two-factor authentication protection simply protects the e-Services account more diligently since the account holder’s credentials alone will not be enough to enter the system.


Read more about this process on the IRS website:

Secure Access: How to Register for Certain Online Self Help Tools


The IRS will temporarily add additional assistors to the help desk to provide assistance as needed starting October 24. The assistors may be able to validate an existing user’s identity over the phone. If the assistor is able to complete the process, a generated activation code will be sent by mail (it can take 5-10 calendar days for the activation code to be received by mail). The received activation code can be utilized to complete the registration process.


IMPORTANT: If an individual successfully registered for “Get Transcript Online” after June 2016, the individual already passed the Secure Access Process. The validated identity information will automatically move to the e-Services account and only a password change will be needed on October 24.


Get questions and answers related to e-Services migration to Secure Access can be accessed here.


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