‘Tis the season of secret Santa, ugly sweaters, cookie exchanges, and office holiday parties. But, before you plow into this holiday frenzy, make sure you know the top five do’s and don’ts for surviving 2016 like a pro.

Don’t Do This at Your Office Holiday Party

“I never lived it down,” says Don, who got a lecture from the boss about his antics. He informed Don that he had heard about his inappropriate behavior and that he couldn’t make him full-time, as he would have to mingle with clients where alcohol would be served. “It’s critical to act responsibly at any professional gathering – holiday parties included,” says Greg Giangrande, an executive vice president and chief human resources offer in the media industry. [Read more]

Food Fights, Brawls and Sprains—Get a Grip on Your Holiday Party

According to the global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., holiday parties are becoming more common because of the improving economy and rising corporate profits. “The firm’s annual look at holiday office shindigs found that 80 percent of companies are planning to host holiday parties this year. Of that group, more than 21 percent are budgeting more for their events than in recent years.” Party on, experts say. But, also be aware of potential problems and have plans in place to prevent misbehavior. [Read more]

Balancing Fun and Professionalism at the Holiday Office Party

Planning to attend your office holiday party? Office holiday parties are a great occasion to relax and have a good time. They can also be a highly anticipated, positive antidote to year-end stress. But, combining fun with professionalism can be challenging. Explore these 10 tips to ensure you make a great impression while mixing and mingling at the office party this year. [Read more]

How Millennials can Survive Holiday Office Parties and Gift-Giving

If a party is an occasion to have fun, millennials may be wondering why they should be so cautious at the office holiday party. Kimberly Stiener-Murphy, regional vice president of Robert Half, explains it: “Regardless of whether it’s a holiday party or sitting at your desk, the reality is that it is still business and your reputation is one of those things that helps you succeed in your career field.” If you’re unsure of how to act at holiday office parties, follow these tips. [Read more]

How to Dress for Your Office Holiday Party Without Embarrassing Yourself

Dressing for the annual holiday party is tricky. IT’s not a work setting – there’s no need to dress like you do for work. In fact, if you do, your colleagues might label you a square addicted to your job, or worse: A Grinch. Dress too far outside of the norm, and you may great an altogether different impression on many people who haven’t seen you outside of the 3rd-floor conference room before, however. So, what can you do?  [Read more]