Prior to Paylocity, the organization was using a system that required many manual processes and had too many incompatible elements. Keeping everything accurate and up-to-date was becoming tedious. To top it all off, ACA was on the horizon and they had no confidence that the system was robust enough for accurate and timely reporting. Other challenges included: minimal access to data and personal info, no mobile capabilities, difficulty running reports, and cumbersome talent management tools.

Company Profile:

Type: Nonprofit Organization
Size: 100-125 Employees
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Key Benefits:

  • User-friendly system
  • Unwavering customer support
  • Convenient online training courses
  • Seamless open enrollment process
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Engaging onboarding process

The Solution:

With Paylocity, the client now automates many of their payroll and HR processes that used to be manual. The client uses both Paylocity Self Service and Mobile functionality to empower their managers and employees. Paylocity Mobile gives their employees access their data from anywhere and allows remote staff to punch in and out. ACA Enhanced alleviates the stress and administrative burden of health care compliance. Web Benefits provides them a seamless Open Enrollment process and Onboarding allows them to engage new hires from day one.

“Finding the Paylocity system was like the sun shining through after days and days of hard rain, wind and cloudy skies! To this day, Paylocity experts are always available to answer our questions and assist us with anything we bring to them. It’s really an incredible support system and we are successful because of that.”

The Results:

  • Reduced payroll processing time by 1.5 days
  • Provided check information to employees 2 days earlier than previous payroll provider
  • Improved accuracy and timeliness in allocating payroll expenses, due to customization and integration with their accounting software
  • Reduced errors in managing their 401(k) benefit and leave awards to near perfection
  • Significantly reduced time managers spend correcting time cards
  • Improved accessibility for client’s Finance team to provide necessary docs to auditors
  • Provided 1095-C forms to employees ahead of schedule

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