With their previous provider, the organization’s employees had a hard time accessing their own information. It was also difficult for the HR department to run custom reports for upper management. For example, their previous provider took three years to build a custom register report.

Company Profile:


Hospitality Industry
Size: 400 employees
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Key Benefits:

  • Ease of reporting/ custom reports
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Access to Employee Self-Service

The Solution:

One of the most beneficial solutions for the organization was the Paylocity mobile app. Now, employees can access their personal information from anywhere. They can view paystubs, request time off, and even clock in or out from their mobile device. Additionally, Paylocity’s free analytics tools assist the client in building custom reports that allow for more strategic decision making.


“I now have the ability to have custom reports designed to meet the needs of upper management. They call me, ask if it’s possible and I make it happen (with the help of Paylocity)!”

The Results:

  • Reduced errors in time-off requests from employees
  • Reduced manual effort spend on changing employee information
  • Employees able to update personal information on their own through Paylocity’s Employee Self-Service module
  • The ability to provide upper management with virtually any report they request in a timely matter

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