Before Paylocity, the client was using physical timesheets to input hours. After payroll, the client would scan all these documents, save them to the server, and put them in their filing cabinet. Accuracy in timesheets was often an issue. PTO requests were a hassle, and would frequently not get submitted on time. Manually inputting employee hours worked and PTO requests was very time consuming.

Company Profile:


Nonprofit Organization
Size: 7,000 + employees
Location: Miami, FL

Key Benefits:

  • Improved accuracy of reports
  • Decreased time spent on payroll
  • Ease of reporting enhanced

The Solution:

Using Paylocity’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal, the client significantly reduced time spent on approving time-off requests. All requests are now submitted and tracked online. Employees can log in to the ESS portal and submit PTO requests from anywhere. Allowing time-off requests to be submitted on time and errors to be reduced.


“Paylocity has helped me tremendously with all of my day-to-day processes. Changing to the Paylocity system has cut my time of processing in half!”

The Results:

  • Cut payroll processing time in half
  • Employees now have easy access to their paychecks and PTO requests online through ESS portal
  • Significant increase in accuracy and timely submission of timesheets

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