At Paylocity, we know your client’s needs are unique. We also know you serve them best when you understand their business. With Paylocity’s Partner Portal for Benefit Brokers, you’ll have the ability to:


  • Get notified of new hires and terminations to take action
  • Spot the biggest opportunities by tracking metrics
  • Send Campaigns to client’s employees across the trusted Paylocity site and mobile app


With our intuitive dashboards, Benefit Brokers like you can view headcount, turnover, HSA, HR, and ACA data. Our newest feature set, Campaigns, give you the opportunity to send Memos and track results with Bookmarks.


With Dashboards, you’ll:


  • Educate new employees in preparation for benefit or ancillary plan enrollment
  • Help transfer terminated employees into Cobra
  • See a complete picture of your clients’ workforce, including a breakdown by generation and ethnicity


The Memo feature allows you to:


  • Introduce your firm and you to new hires
  • Share information on benefit and ancillary plan options
  • Communicate with employees earlier to help jumpstart open enrollment
  • Educate non-contributing employees on tax savings and investment opportunities


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