Prior to the organization becoming a Paylocity client, they had an employee recognition system in place that was manual and done entirely with pen and paper. Employee recognition was a high priority for their organization, but had become a tedious and time-consuming process.

Company Profile:


Mental Health Center
Size: 450
Location: Manchester, NH

Key Benefits:

  • Increased employee engagement
  • More accurate reporting
  • Eliminated dozens of spreadsheets

The Solution:

Since Paylocity’s payroll solution comes with the Impressions tool, the organization took their paper version of employee recognition and converted it to a more modern, digital version. Now, instead of team members manually tracking and tallying records of jobs well done, it is all automated. Having their employee recognition through Paylocity Impressions also consolidated everything into one space that is easy and convenient for all employees to access. During performance reviews, Managers can also log in to view all Impressions rewarded to their employees.


“We have the chance to get accurate reporting vs. keeping dozens and dozens of spreadsheets. I can’t even begin to put down into words what this has done for us.”


The Results:


  • More accurate reporting
  • Eliminated dozens of spreadsheets
  • Payroll administrator is no longer alphabetizing 700+ timesheets
  • No more coding and stuffing envelopes

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