With five sister companies, this organization found it impossible to consolidate important payroll information into one report. Custom reports were difficult to create and print, and software limitations hindered their ability to pull all the information they needed. As a result, they spent a tremendous amount of time manually organizing audit reports for Year End.

Company Profile:


Manufacturing organization
Size: 350
Location: Brookfield, WI

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified custom reporting
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Reliable summation of data

The Solution:

With Paylocity’s robust reporting and analytics tool, the client now has the option to pull individual reports for each sister company, or consolidate all of the data into a single file. These highly customizable reports allow them to quickly and easily pull important Year End information for 401 (k) audits, benefit reconciliation, workers compensation audits, and more. The client can also export these reports into Excel, allowing them to filter the information to fit the needs of other managers and supervisors. 


“Paylocity’s custom report designer is very user-friendly, has few restrictions, and has cut down hours consolidating payroll information.”


The Results:


  • Reduced time spent preparing audits from days to hours
  • Consolidated multiple reports for five sister companies into one master report
  • Improved the accuracy and reliability of data pulled during Year End reporting
  • Eliminated the need to print multiple, separate reports
  • Simplified the extraction of important data with highly customizable reports

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