Before Paylocity, this client was faced with a plethora of inefficiencies, causing payroll and HR tasks to be cumbersome and time-consuming. They used a system that would frequently report inaccurate data, prolonging payroll processing and data entry by multiple days. When seeking assistance from their provider, the client was continuously met with slow response times and lack of product knowledge. 

Company Profile:


Non-profit organization
Size: 30
Location: Roseburg, OR

Key Benefits:

  • Automated time-off requests
  • Fast and accurate payroll processing
  • Reliable customer service

The Solution:

With Paylocity, the client now manages payroll, HR, and benefits administration all in one place. Employees can easily access company and personal information through the self-service portal, as well as complete performance reviews and submit time-off requests. In addition to simplifying HR tasks, they have also been able to drastically decrease the time taken to process payroll, and no longer have to worry about inaccurate reporting. With more time on their hands, the client now focuses on developing other areas of the organization. 


“The ease of using Paylocity is fantastic! We love the self-service portal for displaying company policies, performance reviews, benefits forms, and more.” 


The Results:


  • Reduced payroll processing and data entry by two days
  • Eliminated manual tracking of time-off requests and accrued time-off balances
  • Improved accuracy and reliability of reporting
  • Empowered employees to view and manage their personal information
  • Increased customer support with timely and proactive account managers

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