Before Paylocity, this organization was unsatisfied with the quality of customer service they were receiving. They frequently had encounters with service representatives who lacked knowledge of their software, and response times were generally slow. Experiencing sizable growth — going from 15 to 81 employees — this organization knew they needed a payroll and HR provider they could rely on to help onboard new employees successfully.

Company Profile:


Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Size: 90
Location: Golden, CO

Key Benefits:

    • Smooth and efficient payroll processing

    • Knowledgeable service representatives

    • Timely support

The Solution:

With Paylocity, this client now manages payroll and HR tasks knowing that support is always available when they need it. With a dedicated service representative backed by a small team, any and all questions are now addressed quickly and by a knowledgeable individual. Additionally, after the switch to Paylocity, payroll now runs more smoothly and takes less time than when they had only 15 employees.

“We love that payroll processing is now in our hands, and that, at any given time, Paylocity is there when we need assistance. ”

The Results:

  • Receives friendly and timely support from a dedicated Account Manager

  • Eliminated manual processes, making payroll run more smoothly than when they had only 15 employees

  • Reduced time spent onboarding new hires

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