My Army Wife Life

May 30, 2023

When military life happens, I have never felt anxious about telling my team. I’ve been fully supported because Paylocity knows my worth and when you contribute here, your efforts are rewarded with trust and flexibility.

Vicki Rueda Headshot

By: Vicki Rueda

Talent Acquisition, Paylocity

May is military appreciation month, and I am so very grateful for every current and former U.S. service member. As a military spouse, and Talent Acquisition professional, my respect for our Armed Forces comes from a unique perspective. The #ArmyWifeLife often leaves me marveling at how the largest employer in the country manages to attract, retain, and develop their talent.

Did you know…

  • The U.S. military has relied on an all-volunteer force for five decades, we haven’t had a draft since 1973.
  • There are 1.3 million active-duty military members today, serving in 513 different roles across six branches.
  • As of 2022, 41% of the military identify as members of minority groups. Making our armed forces, one of, if not the most diverse fighting military in the world.

So much is constantly required of these professionals to ensure we enjoy our freedoms daily, and I am honored to have a front row seat to it. I love our life - the traveling, meeting new people, and knowing you are a part of something larger than yourself…but, like any path, it has its own unique challenges.

The inability of spouses to obtain and retain fulfilling employment as they relocate with the military compromises the quality of life of military families and the readiness of the military force.

When considering my career options, the ability to work remotely and potentially from different time zones was critical. But if remote work was my only criteria, I knew I would be selling myself short. Many companies offer work from home scenarios, but I wanted a place that was invested in remote worker success.

I had questions like:

  • Were systems in place to ensure offsite employees had access to leadership?
  • Were remote employees offered professional development opportunities?
  • How connected did virtual employees feel to the larger organization?

18 months later, I am so proud to be at Paylocity; thriving on a team that values me and has whole-heartedly earned my trust and loyalty.

These are some of the ways Paylocity’s values have come to life on #MyPaylocityJourney:

  • Leadership – When military life happens (deployments, move, etc.) I have never felt anxious about telling my team. I’ve been fully supported because Paylocity knows my worth and when you contribute here, your efforts are rewarded with trust and flexibility.
  • Virtual Culture Crew – Remote employees are invited to monthly events ranging from training to talent shows that allow for networking, cross-functional collaboration, and increased visibility. Developing meaningful relationships with colleagues adds a layer of stability to my life as our geographic community changes frequently.
  • Communities – One of my favorite pieces of our Human Capital Management platform is our internal social media, Communities. This is where colleagues connect around common interests. I’m an active member of ‘Music Lovers’ and ‘Military Veterans/Spouses of Paylocity’. This is a space where I can ask questions of teammates that are familiar with our specific lifestyle challenges and scenarios.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – I’ve become a regular volunteer with #PCTYgives and our community partner, Code Platoon. Code Platoon trains former service members in coding and technical certifications. I serve as a mock interviewer and have also connected with their graduates regarding career opportunities.

Knowing the challenges military spouses face in the job market, I am incredibly blessed to have found Paylocity, where I can fully support my husband’s career without compromising my own. Once again, thank you to our incomparable armed forces, their families and a very special thank you to SFC Rueda, we are so proud of you!