Protect Yourself Against Job Scams

We’ve seen a rise in job offer scams nationwide, where scammers claim to represent Paylocity. Their goal is to steal your personal information and money by setting up fake job interviews and extending phony job offers.

Please look for these job scam warning signs if you’re contacted about a position at Paylocity:

  1. The email isn’t from a Paylocity email address ( – watch for slight changes (Example:
  2. Your supposed interview is with a Paylocity executive
  3. You’re asked for private information
  4. You’re asked to pay a fee
  5. You’re offered money or a check to process before or after your interview
  6. You’re asked to complete new-hire paperwork, including bank account info
  7. The sender insists on immediate action
  8. Communications or “official” documents contain misspellings or grammatical errors

If you think you’re the target of a scammer who says they’re from Paylocity, please send details to and request a callback. We’ll reach out within two business days to confirm whether it’s legitimate.

We sincerely regret any damage caused by these cybercriminals that are beyond our control. Paylocity cannot be considered liable for any loss or inconvenience that results from these unauthorized persons and activities. If you suspect you’ve received a fraudulent job offer, please visit or call the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357 to report it.