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Company culture can’t be built by HR alone. Developed by expert data scientists, Employee Voice helps you automatically collect feedback - via employee engagement surveys - that's indicative of employee engagement and retention. And, it includes the tools to share relevant insights with leadership and managers, enabling them to create action plans to drive accountability.

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From Insight to Impact: Employee Voice Fuels Engagement

Automate Feedback at Scale

Employee Voice automatically sends best-practice pulse and engagement surveys based on key milestones of the employee journey that are already in Paylocity. Reminders, closures, and results notifications are also automated, requiring no manual effort from administrators.

Gain Insights Backed by Data Science

Our proprietary, statistically-validated employee engagement model was created via rigorous analysis and validation by our PhDs and data scientists, so you can be confident you’re collecting feedback that’s truly indicative of employee engagement and retention.

Empower Leaders with Self-Serve Insights

HR isn’t the only team that can drive culture.  Managers get the convenience of self-serve insights automatically segmented and distributed based on your supervisory hierarchy, while still ensuring the confidentiality of responses.

Know Where Attention is Needed

Use tools like dashboards and heatmaps to understand what bubbled up in feedback, and filter by demographics like tenure for even deeper insights.

Track Next Steps in Paylocity

Based on your results, Employee Voice provides a foundation of best-practice action plan items that you can customize and track. Leaders can add others, including individual employees, as collaborators to foster transparency and accountability. HR can view progress for the entire company.

Build Custom Surveys

Employee Voice includes the Surveys functionality that our clients have leveraged for years to uncover insights on other topics—whether it’s collecting t-shirt sizes for a team event or getting feedback from a new location. You can even survey non-Paylocity users like contractors or potential hires.

Blue Ridge Companies uses Surveys to promote open communication and make their employees feel heard.

Watch how they did it here.

Report: Estimating the ROI of an HCM Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee engagement is how dedicated and passionate your workers feel toward their jobs. An engaged employee cares about your organization’s goals and their part in making it happen. The Paylocity engagement model assesses an employee's level of engagement by comprehending their feelings, thoughts, and actions towards the organization.

Read More: The Importance of Employee Engagement in the Workplace.

Employee Voice can improve employee engagement by providing a forum for employees to share their thoughts, opinions, and feedback with the organization. When employees feel that their voices are being heard and that their opinions matter, they are more likely to be engaged and committed to the organization.

Employee Voice can also help organizations to actively identify areas of strength and weakness and to make informed decisions about how to improve the employee experience. By gathering and analyzing employee feedback, organizations can develop strategies to address any issues or concerns that are identified and to create a more positive and supportive work environment.

Additionally, Employee Voice can help to foster transparency and trust within the organization by providing a safe and confidential way for employees to share their thoughts and opinions. This can help to create a culture of open communication and improve overall engagement and satisfaction among employees.

Paylocity offers statistically-validated engagement surveys that determine employee engagement and its driving factors. Additionally, Paylocity users can choose from our library of templates, or they can start from scratch and create completely custom surveys.

There are many different types of employee surveys that organizations can use to gather feedback and insights from their employees. Some examples of employee surveys include:

  • Engagement surveys: Designed to measure employee engagement and satisfaction and can include questions about topics like job satisfaction, company culture, and leadership.
  • Culture surveys: Focused on understanding the company culture and can include questions about topics such as values, beliefs, and behaviors within the organization.
  • Performance reviews: Assess an employee's job performance and can include questions about goals, objectives, and areas for improvement.
  • Exit surveys: Administered to employees who are leaving the organization and can be used to gather feedback about the employee's experience and reasons for leaving.
  • Needs assessments: Understand the needs and preferences of employees and can include questions about topics such as training, development, and career goals.
  • Satisfaction surveys: Measure employee satisfaction with specific aspects of the job or organization, such as benefits, compensation, and work-life balance.