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Go Beyond Traditional HRIS Software with the Most Complete Platform

Streamline & Automate 

Save time on payroll, core HR tasks, reporting, employee self-service, and other modules that reduce administrative burden. 

Attract & Retain 

Recruit top candidates with a talent management system and keep employees engaged with learning and development.

Culture & Connection 

Foster a sense of togetherness with culture-building HRIS tools like social community forums, surveys, and peer recognition. 

The Human Resources Information System That Does it All

110513A Reduceadminburden Streamlinehr

Reduce Administrative Burden 

Say goodbye to the endless manual data entry and hello to automation. Paylocity streamlines core HR functions like payroll, document management, and benefits administration. With our HRIS software, you’ll ensure up-to-date and accurate employee information that’s accessible at any time. 

Streamlined HR Software
110513A Findandkeeptalent Talentmanage

Find and Keep Star Talent

Get top candidates in the door and on the path to success with continuous opportunities for learning and improvement. Our HRIS platform includes recruiting and onboarding tools as well as a learning management system where employees can continue training.

Talent Management Simplified
110513A Growcompanyculture Ee

Grow Company Culture

Make your organization a great place to work. Paylocity goes beyond your typical HRIS software and delivers the experiences employees want, drawing them into the platform daily and ultimately driving adoption of self-service tools.   

Enhance Your Employee Experience
110513A Digintodatainsights Hranalytics

Dig into Data Insights

Stay informed with meaningful metrics on your workforce. Our AI-powered workforce analytics dashboard and reporting tools showcase employment trends, performance indicators, and other real-time data points so you can take strategic action.

Cutting-Edge HR Analytics

HRIS Software Built for the Employee Experience  

Enable communication, connection, talent development, and employee satisfaction with a complete platform for the modern workforce. Paylocity is designed with your employees in mind, so your teams can easily access and navigate the platform, whether on desktop or in our mobile app. And with more active users, your HR team gets more great data — it’s a win-win.

Graphic showcasing Paylocity's HRIS software offerings

FAQs About HRIS Software 

An HRIS, or human resources information system, software assists with HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, document management, recruitment, and training. It also stores and processes employee data, eliminating time-consuming manual data entry.   

Read more about the key functions of human resource information systems in our resource library.  

HRIS software and programs originally focused on the administrative tasks of HR, such as payroll and compliance, but more modern systems also include talent management capabilities like performance reviews and recruitment. Meanwhile, the original HRMS platforms assisted with talent-related processes, so you may hear HRIS referred to as HRMS. Both types of software fit under the HCM (human capital management) umbrella. Read more about the differences between HRIS, HRMS, and HCM systems in our Resource Library.

Human resource information systems provide a few key benefits:  

  • Organize and more easily process employee data  
  • Automate tasks to save time and ensure accuracy  
  • Improve compliance and enable employee self service  
  • Showcase HR data for better visibility and strategy  

Overall, HRIS systems and software enable human resources personnel to offload their busywork so they can focus on being a strategic partner to their employees. For more information, check out our article on the benefits of HRIS systems for employers and employees.

Most HRIS systems software providers charge per employee per month (PEPM) and the cost depends on the features you select for your organization’s plan.

Explore all of Paylocity’s HRIS Tools


Simplify payroll, automate payment processes, and stay tax compliant, all in one spot.

Workforce Management 

Automate scheduling, tracking, and managing time to deliver a more modern employee experience.


Simplify recruiting, onboarding, and talent management while increasing retention.

Employee Experience 

Drive communication and collaboration amongst employees for a more connected organization.

Data Insights   

Make more informed decisions with our workforce analytics dashboard and reporting tools.


Manage benefits administration and administer third-party benefit services with ease.

See Why Paylocity Stands Above the Rest

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