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With Employee Self-Service, employees get secure, 24/7 access to Paylocity via a single, convenient HR portal, empowering them with the information they need at their fingertips. Anytime and from anywhere, employees can view checks, request time off, clock in and out, update personal data, and even view the company org chart to find and interact with colleagues. Supervisors benefit, too, with the ability to approve schedule changes or time-off requests. Keep your employees connected to the tools they need—and to each other—and power the automation you’ve been looking for.

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New England Authentic Eats uses Employee Self-Service to simplify year-end tasks and lessen the workload for their customer success team.

Watch how they did it here.

Empower Your Employees to Do More

Employee Self-Service makes it simple to do the basics like request time off and clock in. But it also facilitates compelling experiences for employees that drive self-service, ultimately taking some of the burden off HR.

Offer Financial Flexibility

Pay information is a mere click away via ESS. And, On Demand Payment offers financial flexibility with same day pay, calculated by Paylocity, with zero changes to your payroll process and no cost to you, the employer.

Learn on the Go

Employees can view training assigned to them in LMS and take that training from anywhere, even when they’re remote or deskless.

Communicate, Collaborate, Create

Community is a central hub for your employees, from file sharing and collaboration and team chat to company-wide announcements.

Connect via Recognition & Rewards

Improve employee productivity and retention by motivating them with tangible recognition and rewards for milestones, good work, and achievements.

Submit and Approve Time

Employees can request time off and submit timecards from the palm of their hands. Supervisors can approve just as easily.

Access Benefits with Ease

Paylocity gives your employees easy access to enroll in benefits, view their plan information and spending account balances, and even a straightforward way to send claims.

Creating a Consumer-Driven Employee Experience

People have very different expectations about how they want to experience work today based on modern conveniences in their daily lives. Discover the key areas of the employee experience in our ebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Self-Service is an online portal where employees can access all their HR and payroll needs through a single platform. Beyond just reviewing their paycheck or checking PTO accruals, Paylocity’s ESS portal also offers employee experience tools, like a social collaboration hub and file sharing capabilities, allowing your workforce to stay connected. Take a deep dive on employee self-service

How much time are you burning on tedious administrative HR tasks every week? Employee self-service leverages automation to eliminate many of these tasks for HR, freeing up time to focus on employee retention, or other high-level initiatives. And ESS enhances the employee experience, so you can attract and retain top talent. 

  • Improve accuracy of employee information: Employees are empowered to change and update their own information as needed right in the ESS, alleviating administrative burden for your team and increasing data accuracy.
  • Increase employee engagement: Teams can communicate in a social network setting with social collaboration tools such as community forums, chat, and peer recognition.
  • Increase data security: ESS provides essential security by digitizing document storage and helping ensure compliance.
  • Streamline scheduling requests: Cut time from the scheduling process by allowing employees to make all scheduling requests through an ESS portal.

Employee self-service software comes in various technological forms. Some models have basic features, while others offer more premium capabilities. These are the basic ESS portal services Paylocity offers:

  • 24/7 access
  • Personal information management
  • Schedule change and time off requests
  • Payroll and tax statements
  • Benefits enrollment and cards

Organizations can also opt for premium features that make them further stand out from the competition:

  • Career development courses in a learning management system (LMS)
  • On-demand pay
  • Social collaboration in a social media-style hub

An employee self-service portal works by giving each employee a unique login, which they can use to sign into the system. Employee self-service portals are secure and available 24/7, wherever and whenever an employee has an internet connection, so connection to their organization is never broken. Once inside, employees can utilize various tools to address HR and payroll-related needs.