Time and Attendance Software

Save Time with Less Effort

Reduce administrative tasks; use 100+ standard reports to track attendance, schedules, and time off, and remove the need for manual re-entry. You can rest easy because we have an entire team that ensures our features always meet the latest regulatory requirements and support compliance premiums around split shifts, meals, spread of hours, and more. And of course, data insights provide detailed visibility into attendance, and more.

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Manage Time with Ease

Employees can view current and future accrual balances and request time off, which managers can approve or deny from web or mobile.

Streamline Communication

Employees can be automatically notified of missing punches and submit timecard corrections in real time, reducing payroll processing errors.

Apply Shift Differentials

No more manual calculations! Automatically apply a differential code that will pay an additional rate or percentage based on the hours and days worked.

Know What Needs Attention

Configurable notifications can alert supervisors and employees of missed punches or shifts. And the customizable supervisor dash provides at-a-glance visibility to pending timecard corrections, time off requests, attendance exceptions, and more.

Motivate Employees

Use points to track attendance automatically and objectively so you can reward employee attendance or determine where disciplinary action may be necessary.

Improve Communication

Notifications can alert employees of modifications/approval to timecards and schedule changes. Employees and Supervisors can also receive reminders to submit and approve timecards and even jump to a 1:1 chat to resolve any questions.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Enabling Remote Work with Self Service

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, it wasn’t possible for the team at Avadian to work remotely. With Paylocity’s web-based time clock in place, employees can clock in and out from their computers, and all their employee records are saved digitally and securely. Employees can easily view their paid time off (PTO) balance, check schedules, access their pay stubs, and more from the convenience of their desktop.

Assuring Accuracy with Geofencing and Mobile

GT Midwest’s lean HR team needed a reliable and precise time and attendance system. With Paylocity’s web-based time clock, employees have multiple ways to clock in and out. Managers no longer have to punch in employees’ hours, and have the flexibility of real-time, remote access for approvals. Plus, geofencing ensures accuracy. Most importantly, employees know they are getting accurate paychecks — every time.

Automating Time and Attendance with Kiosks

When Catholic Charities New Hampshire needed to automate their time and attendance, they implemented Paylocity’s Time and Labor module. They put kiosks connected to Paylocity in each location for employees to clock in and out. Now with the kiosks and the mobile app, employees can submit hours, view pay stubs, check vacation time, and request time off from wherever they are – in the office or on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time and attendance software is designed to track the hours that employees spend on the job and the wages and salaries that have been paid.

Some benefits of using an online time and attendance system include:

  • Simple and streamlined shift management: Managers spend less time manually creating work schedules, tracking time and attendance while also streamlining communication with employees.
  • Reduced timecard errors: Employees can also be notified of any missed punches or changes to their punch-card to ensure fewer errors.
  • More transparency and flexibility for employees: Employees have 24/7 access to their schedules and can easily request time off or shift changes right through the mobile or web app.

Yes, employees can easily clock in and out from the Paylocity mobile app.

Yes, Paylocity offers a setting where employees can punch in when and where you want them to based on geofencing, IP restrictions, and clock restrictions.

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