Time and Attendance

Take the Labor Out of Timekeeping

Empower your employees to handle daily time and attendance tasks like clocking in and out with flexible options that work best for your business. Take the manual, administrative work out of employee time tracking, fixing missed punches, and reducing compliance risks. Leverage Time and Labor dashboards and reports to get the most of your employee data and increase overall productivity.

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Clock in Quickly, Safely, and Easily – From Anywhere

Employee Self Service
Conveniently clock in and out from the same place employees log in to view pay stubs, submit time-off requests and more – even from a mobile device.
Kiosk Tablet
Use a preconfigured, securely enclosed tablet - or bring your own - to record punches and screen employees with attestation prompts (eg, health symptoms).
Time Clock
From keypad entry to biometric punch, we offer a variety of configurations, including photo capture, touchless options, badge reading, and thermal scanning.
Empower employees to clock in and out from their phone with the Paylocity app, where they can check schedules, enter tip pay adjustments, and more.

Our Touchless Timeclock

Designed with you in mind and built for today’s world, our new time clock helps ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your organization. The touchless time clock can be customized to include features from badge readers to photo capture to fingerprint scanners, and more. Our newest features help eliminate high-touch areas, foster employee well-being, and enhance productivity.

Customize Your Tools for the Way You Work

Biometric Reader

Use biometric technology to securely capture employee ID through fingerprint scan or facial recognition.

Thermal Scan

Use touch-free thermal temperature scans to assess employee health to support a safer workplace.

Badge Reader

Securely scan company card credentials to confirm employee ID using RFID or barcode functionality.

Photo Capture

Prevent buddy punching with optional photo capture for employees when they clock in.

Geofencing Tracking

Set location parameters so employees can punch in from predetermined geographical areas.

Attestation Prompts

Customize prompts including procedural reminders or health and wellness checks. Alert supervisors and prevent clock in if necessary.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Enabling Remote Work with Self Service

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, it wasn’t possible for the team at Avadian to work remotely. With Paylocity’s web-based time clock in place, employees can clock in and out from their computers, and all their employee records are saved digitally and securely. Employees can easily view their paid time off (PTO) balance, check schedules, access their pay stubs, and more from the convenience of their desktop.

Assuring Accuracy with Geofencing and Mobile

GT Midwest’s lean HR team needed a reliable and precise time and attendance system. With Paylocity’s web-based time clock, employees have multiple ways to clock in and out. Managers no longer have to punch in employees’ hours, and have the flexibility of real-time, remote access for approvals. Plus, geofencing ensures accuracy. Most importantly, employees know they are getting accurate paychecks — every time.

Automating Time and Attendance with Kiosks

When Catholic Charities New Hampshire needed to automate their time and attendance, they implemented Paylocity’s Time and Labor module. They put kiosks connected to Paylocity in each location for employees to clock in and out. Now with the kiosks and the mobile app, employees can submit hours, view pay stubs, check vacation time, and request time off from wherever they are – in the office or on the go.


Data Insights

Monitor key metrics, identify trends and make smarter, data-backed decisions with visual dashboards.


Get the most out of your workday with the freedom to connect to Paylocity anywhere, at any time.


You want the freedom to choose the software and systems that are best for your business.