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Take charge of your third-party administrative (TPA) benefits.

Navigating the complex world of third-party administrative (TPA) services, such as FSAs, HSAs, TMAs, POPs, and HRAs can feel like you’re wandering aimlessly in hopes of discovering the right solution, the right provider, and the right service. That’s why we’re complementing our payroll and HCM solutions with TPA services driven by BeneFLEX HR Resources Inc. BeneFLEX brings 24 years of industry recognition and experience to Paylocity’s phenomenal growth and strong foundation, creating an unstoppable powerhouse of expertise and support. Together, we’re committed to going beyond simply providing you TPA services. We will:

Help you save time and money, while providing unsurpassed service

Keep you up to date on compliance & industry news

Empower you to focus on living a healthy lifestyle

Explore how BeneFLEX helps make your
life easier with these services:

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

With an FSA, employees set aside a certain (annual election) dollar amount from each paycheck on a pre-tax basis. This means that throughout the year employees are reimbursed from this account for medical and dependent care expenses—tax free! Limited FSAs (LFSA) offer the same tax benefit, but can only be used for dental and vision expenses.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Employees fund their individual HSAs with pre-tax dollars to pay for healthcare expenses, including deductibles. Employers can also contribute to this account. For employees, HSAs provide tax-free interest earnings and investment options, year-to-year rollover of unused funds to pay for future expenses, and the potentially lower premiums.

Health Reimbursement
Arrangements (HRA)

An HRA is a tax-free, employer-funded arrangement that allows the employer to make specific dollar contributions available to employees for reimbursement of qualified healthcare expenses. 

Premium Only Plans (POP)

A POP helps both employers and employees maximize savings by allowing employees to pay part of their health insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars. The IRS requires a POP for employers to take benefit premium payments pre-tax.

Benny™ Debit Card

A medically coded, smart debit card brings the power of MasterCard® to benefit programs, giving participants instant access to their FSA, HRA, and HSA programs. Debit cards can also help employees spend funds properly, eliminate the hassle of claim forms, and increase FSA participation.

Transportation Management Account (TMA)

A TMA allows employees to set aside a certain amount of money from each paycheck into an account, before paying income taxes. During the year, employees are then reimbursed from this account for expenses such as parking, vanpooling, and transit passes.

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