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How Do You Communicate with & Connect
Employees Across Your Organization?

In today’s evolving workforce, employees want to communicate, connect, and collaborate with both their peers and their company’s leadership. But when emails are getting lost in the mix or departments are using different tools, establishing effective communication is no simple task. Enter Community, a social collaboration platform. Community is designed to help increase employee connection, engagement, and productivity across your organization.

Adopting a Culture of Social Engagement

Included as part of the Paylocity Employee Self-Service and Mobile App experience, Community provides a single, unified hub for employees to stay current on important company updates.

  • Connect Your Workforce: Connect colleagues around specific projects, interests, and initiatives
  • Maximize Productivity: Share and display the most timely, meaningful, relevant content
  • Embrace Open Dialogue: Make decisions based on employee engagement, attitudes, and needs
  • On-the-Go Collaboration: Use the Paylocity Mobile App to interact with colleagues anywhere, anytime

What Can Employees Do in Community?


Increase awareness of company initiatives with a real-time stream of updates, announcements, and more.


Ensure company updates are highly visible and don’t get lost in an inbox or missed in the breakroom.


Create a central location to discuss specific initiatives, events, or common bonds with coworkers.


Accelerate conversations by @mentioning coworkers to comment, add points of view, or answer questions.


Turn traditional business communication into interactive conversations and enhance collaboration.


Track the information and individuals that are most relevant to you, your position, and interests.


View a centralized summary of employee and group attitudes, preferences, or needs with reaction icons.


Get real-time notifications in the app and via email so you never miss a conversation or update.

How Do Our Clients Leverage Community?

Top 5 Ways to Use Community

Share important announcements


Connect in shared interest groups

Collaborate across departments

Streamline company communications

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