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Engage new employees from day one.

Onboarding doesn't have to mean stacks of paperwork. Leverage technology and engage new hires, administrators, and supervisors in a seamless onboarding process. Reduce the time it takes to collect new hire data, eliminate redundant data entry, and provide an experience that feels good for everyone.

Mobile-responsive, integrated experience for completing new hire forms and a procedure that ensures no redundant data entry.

With a clear progress dashboard, new hires can easily see where they are in the onboarding process, return to a previous step, or even jump ahead.

Customize your onboarding portal to include videos, documents, or manuals. Plus, make life simpler with e-signature functionality.

Make a positive first impression.

Streamline the manual, time-consuming process of gathering required new hire information. Make a positive first impression by automating your Onboarding process. Customize our intuitive, mobile-responsive Onboarding portal to automate manual tasks that flow directly to Paylocity’s payroll solution. Using a sophisticated and attractive user interface, employees will always know where they are in the process, how much is left to complete, and which tasks are up next via the event summary.

Configure the portal to include steps to gather:


  • Contact details
  • Emergency contact information
  • Direct deposit information
  • Withholding forms via a wizard
  • Employee handbook signature with e-sign
  • Personal info to complete an employee profile
Employee Portal

Highly customizable, the Onboarding portal delivers new employees a seamless experience that is both easy to manage and administer. Modify the portal by adding items like:

  • 1. Welcome notes from directors
  • 2. Company culture information
  • 3. Information about your new team
  • 4. Introductory videos

As the administrator, improve usability and maximize efficiency by automating alerts, configuring events, and setting up workflows to notify other parts of the organization involved in the new hire process.

Other Human Resource Features

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