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Employee Engagement Experience Courses

Learn how to effectively engage employees with courses offered the following ways:


Watch and learn at your own pace with quick, easy access to videos.


Live, interactive training for guided practice and how-tos.


Expert insight to industry trends, product deep dives, and more.

Self-Service Portal

This training is designed to teach you the basics of configuring and maintaining the Self-Service portal to serve as the centralized communication hub for your company. During this session, we’ll learn how to:

  1. • Configure employee access to critical information such as paycheck detail records, benefit details, and time off
  2. • Set up user accounts for employees
  3. • Register user accounts
  4. • Approve or decline pending changes
  5. • Extending and tracking offers of coverage

Approx. Length: 1 hr 25 mins, 2 hrs 30 mins

Recommended Audience: Administrators

Suggested Courses:
Getting Started with Managing Employee Data

Paylocity Surveys

This training shows you the simplicity of Paylocity’s Surveys feature! We’ll cover:

  1. • Setting up and customizing surveys
  2. • Launching and viewing surveys
  3. • Analyzing the results of your survey to collect data

Approx. Length: 15 mins

Recommended Audience: Administrators

Suggested Courses:
Self Service Portal

Paylocity's Mobile App

In today’s mobile workforce, you do work from more places than just your desk. This video shows how Paylocity’s mobile app allows you to access your work schedule, paycheck information, time off requests, and more; from anywhere, at any time.

Approx. Length: 3 mins

Recommended Audience: Administrators, Supervisors, and Employees

Suggested Courses:
Self Service Portal

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