The coronavirus pandemic is shifting the daily reality for us all. But we're in this together.

As HR and payroll professionals, you are the touchpoint between businesses and their employees during this public health emergency. Consider us your resource as you navigate the impact and a new way of operating.

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Micro Kits

Our Micro Kits offer powerful bites of information and resources to help you respond to the coronavirus public health emergency using Paylocity products. Get downloadable, easy-to-use templates and posters, and guides for how to use each product to navigate our new reality.

7200 Form

Learn about the new form to request your advanced tax credit payments.


Learn how Paylocity system updates can help you take the next steps.


Comply via our new configurations, like tax and earnings codes.


Keep your employees connected with our social collaboration tool.


Create and share timely education and procedures easily.


Hear directly from your employees to keep a pulse on what they need.


Process reimbursements easily and accurately without the paperwork.


Connect managers with their teams to keep performance on track.

Coronavirus Response Kit

Use our kit for tips on how HR and payroll professionals can support and protect your employees while minimizing the disruption to your business.

Access the Kit

Manage and Connect from a Distance

Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Remote work is no longer just about offering attractive benefits to emerging generations in the workforce. With shelter in place orders in effect for at least several more weeks, managers are navigating new territory as their teams go remote. Get our tips for managing effectively.

Bite-Sized Microlearning on the Go

Employee development can sound overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be, even in today's environment. Flexible tools offer the ability to deliver just-in-time and super-relevant microlearning that helps employees develop the skills and knowledge they need even while on the go.

“We have been using Community to communicate with staff almost on a daily basis. We started with daily updates from our leadership team about how we’re preparing for COVID-19 as an organization. We continue to provide updates as new information comes out that affects our staff, patients, and overall plans moving forward. It has been super easy and helpful during this unique time."

Nicholas De La Torre, PHRca, Director of Human Resources, California Autism Center & Learning Group

Prepared for the Unexpected

We're built to keep your data secure and accessible at all times. Our enterprise-class data centers and co-location services ensure data security, consistent product uptime, and 24/7 physical and environmental protection including an on-call paging system that sends real-time alerts. We regularly maintain, test, and update our recovery plan to be well-prepared for potential disasters.

Service Without Disruption

Our top priority is the health and safety of our team members, clients, partners, and communities. Over the past several weeks, we've seamlessly transitioned nearly 100% of our staff to working fully remote, almost 50% of whom already were. Learn more about how we're set up to prioritize the well-being of our people so that they can keep providing top-notch support to our clients in times like these.

Take a Break

Listen to this PCTY Talks podcast episode to give your mind and nerves a break from the daily stress you're under. Ashley Nelson of Inseus guides us through A Moment to Arrive meditation practice. 

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