Vaccination and Testing Resources for Employers

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With our COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Tracking solution, you can launch a workflow to seamlessly:


Automatically re-deploy the workflow weekly, filtering employees out as relevant (e.g. fully-vaccinated), and configure approvals, if desired.


Empower employees to upload proof of vaccination or most recent test results, which are automatically saved to the employee’s record.

Track, Report, and Act

Report on results and track completion to easily monitor compliance and understand items that need follow-up.

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COVID-19 Vaccination and Test Tracking Micro Kit

Learn how to create policies related to vaccination, testing, and masking; automate vaccination and testing status tracking; communicate to employees; manage related time-off requests; and more—all from the Paylocity platform.

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SCOTUS Issues Vaccine Mandate Decisions

The Supreme Court issued decisions on the vaccine mandates for private employers (from OSHA) and for certain healthcare workers (from CMS).

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing

Tune in to this on-demand webinar to discover seamless ways to gather, manage, and report employee eligibility and information right within the Paylocity platform.

Guidance on Religious Objections

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued guidance on how federal antidiscrimination laws apply to COVID vaccine requirements.

“We’re all scrambling looking for ways to track vaccination information. Having a solution built into our HCM platform takes off the pressure as we can let the system do most of the work so our focus can be on employees along the way."

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