E-verify Reopened After Government Shutdown

January 29, 2019

Temporary funding and further legislation must be passed before February 15, 2019, to keep the government funded, after the shutdown that began in December.


The federal government shut down has temporarily ended. The shutdown began at midnight on December 21st, 2018 and the recently passed short-term funding bill will fund the government for three weeks until February 15th, 2019.

The funding is temporary and further legislation must be passed before February 15th in order to keep the government funded. Paylocity will continue to monitor Congress’ activity and alert our clients of any important developments.

Proceeding with Your e-Verify Cases

Federal operations should resume normally, including the ability to verify new hires through the federal E-Verify system.

  • Please complete your e-verify cases by February 11. Use the original date the employee started work.
  • For employers who removed the e-verify task in onboarding, you will need to request a manual e-verify case. Please contact your account manager to request a manual e-verify case.
  • For employers who utilize e-verify and have not completed the e-verify task, complete the task and the e-verify case should process as usual.
  • For employers who completed e-verify onboarding task during the government shutdown, please log into the onboarding module, go to the I-9 Eligibility Verification task, and select “Resubmit to E-verify.”

Due to the volume of the backlog e-verify cases, the agency is experiencing delays in processing the cases. This will result in a delay in Paylocity’s ability to complete cases for our clients who utilize our e-verify product.

If you received a TNC prior to the Government Shutdown on December 21st, 2018, please review the following for which scenario applies to you:

  • If you received TNC and were referred to e-verify, print a new referral confirmation which will have a new date and start the 10-day period over. If the date does not print of the form for any reason, you may handwrite in the date.
  • If the TNC referral letter was at or close to the 10-day mark when the shutdown began on 12/21 you may be able to print a referral confirmation or create a new duplicate case and indicate that the case was created due to the government shutdown.

Additional information about post-shut down operations can be found on the e-verify website.


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