What's New Blog | April 2021

May 24, 2021

April 2021 Releases: Recruiting, Onboarding, Employee record visibility, and more
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As things start to normalize post-pandemic, we know how much pressure HR teams are facing to recruit new talent and retain the talent they have—on top of managing all the complexity that COVID-19 has introduced. Our April releases further automate offer letter creation, increase visibility into the employee record – and more!

Recruiting: Drive more automation when creating offers

When leveraging offer letter templates, in addition to automated placeholders like candidate and company name, you can now create custom placeholders that will turn into required fields the recruiter must complete when sending the letter.

Recruiting templates are also available to add consistency for interviews and collecting feedback. And of course, flexible permissions allow you to determine if hiring managers can send offer letters at all.

Onboarding: Complete Form I-9 from anywhere

The I9 document is now completely responsive on mobile devices, ensuring your HR team, and new employees can easily complete it on any device.

Performance Management: Share feedback with flexibility

You can create reviews where the employee and reviewers only see the label-based score (vs. including the numerical rating) when completing their appraisals. This is based on rounding rules and helps ensure the overall rating is the focal point of conversations instead of small variances in numerical score.

This feature builds on recent releases that drive review customization, including options for goals where employees and reviewers only need to comment (no scoring), and varying goal weights that flow through to the review, eliminating extra work for the reviewer.

Community: Recognize employees by celebrating birthdays

Make your employees feel connected, appreciated, and supported—without lifting a finger. No need to track birthdays in spreadsheets or email managers to remind them of the occasion; employees will now receive automatic birthday messages in Community. Their direct manager will also get a notification about the birthday, and employees can publish the item to the feed for everyone to see, comment, and react on.

This builds on existing functionality that raises visibility of employee anniversaries and Impressions. And to ensure congratulations—or any Community content—stay workplace-appropriate, if you choose, natural language processing algorithms can monitor Community for potentially inappropriate content, and flag it to administrators for review.

HR: Help employees easily access employment information

We recently rolled out a modernized, comprehensive view of the employee record for administrators and supervisors. Now employees can access a similar view from the Self-Service Portal, to easily view their employment history, pay, time off, benefits, and more.

Also, in the spirit of driving a seamless employee experience, employees with multiple pay assignments within a company set can toggle between any enabled Paylocity account without logging in and out. Their credentials follow them so that files, data, and history are easily accessible.

If you’re already a Paylocity client, you visit the Product Training Catalog or PEAK for more details: