What’s New Blog | April 2024

May 07, 2024

April 2024 releases: Recruiting text & scan promotions, Recognition & Rewards enhancements, and more.

Gen Z workers are on track to surpass Boomers in the workforce this year, amounting to more than 17.1M employees. Because of this, companies are recognizing the need for customized solutions that address Gen Z's specific needs and preferences. In April, we launched a range of modern enhancements like text-scan promotions, I-9 compliance courses, notification management, and more aimed at addressing these demands and maintaining our cutting-edge status.

Reach a broader audience when recruiting

Revolutionize the way you connect with candidates with new text and scan promotions in Recruiting. With this new update, you can promote your openings through keywords to text, QR codes, and shareable links, driving more traffic to your job listings. Easily create these promotions and customize the destination to your specific needs. Whether displayed on a poster in one of your locations, distributed as a physical flyer at a job fair, or featured in an online ad, candidates can effortlessly scan a QR code or text a pre-defined keyword to visit your career site, access a list of filtered jobs, apply to a job posting, or submit their information for future hiring directly from their phone. QR codes and keywords tracking even point you in the direction of the most effective campaigns, allowing your recruiters to focus on high-value tasks while the system handles the rest. Say goodbye to tedious outreach methods and hello to efficient recruiting!

Streamline payroll operations and maintain data accuracy

The new “View All” page in Payroll shows you a comprehensive calendar view of all upcoming check dates, making it easier to plan and manage your payroll processes efficiently. And you can still filter and delve into the details of each check date as needed.

Additionally, we've added a new payroll audit that ensures data integrity by flagging instances where employee hire date, rehire date, or adjusted seniority date is missing during payroll submission. This proactive measure not only ensures accurate payroll processing but also facilitates other critical functions within the system, such as accruals.

Lastly, you can now easily craft your own custom payroll reports or use our pre-made report templates with new processed payroll data now available in dynamic reporting. If you choose to use our pre-made templates, we offer both a paycheck detail report and a paycheck summary report. But the flexibility doesn’t stop there — you can even take these templates and tailor them to your specific needs by adding or removing columns.

Experience enhanced scheduling capabilities and payroll management

Easily view employees' time zones directly within the schedule settings, offering valuable insight for better scheduling decisions. This update allows you to consider time zone variations without adjusting shift times, ensuring schedule clarity and consistency for all employees.

You can now easily set the default state of pay periods with the payroll readiness dashboard close pay periods toggle, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This enhancement increases the efficiency and flexibility of your payroll management, especially if you have shared databases.

Streamline I-9 compliance and skills management

Easily navigate the complexities of I-9 completion with our new I-9 Training Modules. These multiple, on-demand training courses are designed to simplify the completion process and offer invaluable insights to ensure compliance every step of the way.

But that's not all — revolutionize the process of updating and adding skills and certifications with our new bulk upload tool. Easily update existing skills and certifications or upload new ones using a file import feature. The file provided is user-friendly, ready to use, and pre-populated with relevant information, making the process quick and efficient.

Customize performance management processes

Tailor journal permissions based on organizational needs by setting who employees can write journals about. Whether it's enabling employees to create journals about any colleague or restricting journaling to individuals within their team, this customizable functionality increases efficiency in gathering feedback.

Additionally, you can now easily set how the sharing logic with the employee's supervisor will behave. When creating a journal template, there is the option to automatically share with the employee's supervisor or only share the journal with the employee's supervisor if the journal creator adds them as a contributor. This update empowers you to fine-tune sharing protocols and foster collaboration and communication within teams.

Increase rewards management transparency

Track rewards transaction activity directly within the Recognition & Rewards module. From pre-funding to allocation, boosting, and redemption, every transaction detail is conveniently accessible within the Rewards dynamic reporting interface. Additionally, gain deeper insights into administrator activity, including pre-fund dates, amounts, and user details, all within a streamlined transaction drawer. Employees even have access to their own personal transaction activity to monitor boost and redemption details.

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