What’s New Blog | Closing Out 2023

January 15, 2024

To close out 2023, we released skills and certification enhancements, marketplace updates, and more.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to employee development is crucial for businesses striving for efficiency and success. Forbes recently noted 71% of CEOs believe skill gaps are one of their biggest business challenges, meaning companies need to start upskilling their employees to remain competitive. In December, we launched a range of skills and certification updates like new reporting, automated launch conditions, data collection via workflows, and more to make monitoring employee’s skills and certifications a breeze.

Ensure employees stay compliant and up to date with skills and certifications

Streamline the process of designating required skills and certifications directly to positions, ensuring a tailored approach for each role. Easily identify compliance gaps by tracking employees without specific skills or certifications, with automated launch conditions in Workflows highlighting missing, about-to-expire, or expired credentials. Additionally, maintain historical and auditing records by associating documents with employee skills, certifications, or licenses. These documents will be conveniently stored in Paylocity's document library for easy access and reference.

Quickly set up skills for your company, either manually or via bulk import, and associate those skills to employees like a lifeguard needing a CPR certification skill to fulfill the role. This streamlined approach alleviates the tedious effort of renewals and skill data maintenance. Save even more effort by eliminating the need for separate skill data management within individual companies and easily manage skills at the company set level.

You can also streamline the process of collecting and updating employee skills and certification data through Workflows. Workflows can now be sent directly to employees, prompting them to update their skills, certifications, or licenses. We'll even store skill expiration dates and automatically compare them to the required skills for every position in your organization, saving you valuable administrative time and empowering employees to own their skill and certification renewals. This user-friendly update even allows them to conveniently make these updates through the Paylocity mobile app or online platform. Detailed reporting on employee skills and certification data is also available to help with proactive management and timely renewals.

Easily manage and track upskilling in LMS

Explore the new look of our learning management system and delve into the array of training opportunities Paylocity has to offer. The best part? Despite the fresh look, we've made sure your user experience remains unchanged, ensuring a smooth transition for you. As you dive into the new appearance, you'll notice new features on the backend designed to enhance admin efficiency. When an employee completes training, you can customize which skills are automatically added to their employee record. Conversely, if you don't want any skills added, you can turn this functionality off. Easily foster and track upskilling by automating assignment of recurring trainings and have greater control over which skills/certifications someone receives after completion.

Quickly and easily find audit information

Easily search and filter audit events across all documents to seamlessly monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and review changes. Say goodbye to tedious searches and filtering hassles; this new update allows you to quickly find information — like who has accessed or made changes to sensitive documents — exactly when you need it.

Seamlessly integrate with Paylocity

New enhancements make it easier than ever to integrate with Paylocity. For developers looking to build custom integrations, discover a seamless integration journey through our developer resources. Access our API documentation, understand common integration use cases, and learn tips and best practices to accelerate your work.  

For clients requesting new integrations through our Marketplace, streamline your integration experience with Marketplace's updated request form, eliminating email chains and phone calls to simplify the process. This efficient form reduces input fields while providing our team with the necessary details to get your integration data flowing.


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