What's New Blog | December 2021

January 11, 2022

Tools for vaccination & testing tracking, streamlining communication with prospective employees, and more

It’s a challenging time to be an HR professional: there are over 15 million open jobs in the U.S., average wages are rising over 4%, and the number of people who voluntarily leave their role is over 3% (the highest ever). And, of course, there’s also the looming key dates related to vaccine testing and tracking as established by OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). In December, we released functionality to simplify both recruiting and managing OSHA’s requirements—and more.

Ease the burden of tracking vaccination and testing status

Our COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Tracking solution can help ease the administrative burden of ETS compliance, with workflows that allow you to seamlessly collect vaccination and testing status from your employees.



Documents are automatically saved to the employee record, and you can easily track task completion to monitor compliance, understand actions you need to take, or items that require follow-up. And of course, there’s a COVID Tracking dashboard to give you a summary level view of your organization.   



Save time and eliminate confusion while recruiting

To fully unify candidate and recruiter communications, recruiters now have the option to receive candidate email replies directly to the Recruiting module in the same way that text messages are. Email conversations can be fully visible right in the candidate feed, meaning no more toggling between Recruiting and email.



Keep Community organized and accessible

Community groups make it easy to get teams organized around a common goal or subject. But sometimes those goals or subjects are only relevant for a set amount of time. For instance, if you set up an Ask an Expert group for Open Enrollment Q&A, that group isn’t very relevant once open enrollment closes. Now you can Archive groups! Once archived, the group won’t show up in navigation and group members can’t contribute any new content—but they can still search for and view data in the group. And of course, group administrators can unarchive the group if the need emerges.


Manage and store compliance documents with less effort

We recently optimized the I-9 document so that it’s easily filled out and reviewed on mobile. Now Onboarding users with E-Verify can take advantage of enhanced automation. When employment is authorized and an E-Verify case is closed (before the onboarding event is finished), case details will be stored in the eligibility section of the employee record with other employment documents. No need to manually download and store elsewhere.


Conversely, when the I-9 is declined, the reason will now be included in the I-9 audit log report.


FFCRA calculations are ending

Per the American Rescue Plan Act, employers were allowed an extension (to 9/30/21) in qualified leave for Family Medical Leave and Qualified Emergency Sick Leave and Family Leave. Paylocity will no longer calculate FFCRA wages and credits for payrolls with check dates on or after 04/1/2022. A pre-submit audit will automatically be triggered to flag if you have FFCRA codes within your payroll so that you can resolve them.


Gain deeper insights into employee performance

We’ve added lots of additional functionality over the past year to empower you to customize the employee performance process to your organization. Now, dynamic reporting is available in Performance; Detailed Reviews, Goals, and Journals reports can help you easily keep a pulse on how your team is doing.



Effortlessly capture and store survey results

Onboarding and exit surveys are some of the leading use cases for our Surveys tool. These surveys, particularly exit surveys, are considered part of the employee record. Surveys can now send a PDF of survey responses directly to the Document Library, making the document available on the employee’s record.



If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details: