What’s New Blog | January 2022

January 2022 Releases: LMS courses, tools to monitor the efficacy of announcements, an optimized mobile experience, and more.

In today’s environment, it’s hard to understate the importance of hiring, and ensuring new employees have the tools, skills, and support required to contribute meaningfully at work. This is one of the things that drives us at Paylocity; in fact, in January we released multiple new LMS courses, several new dynamic reports, improvements to the mobile app UX, and more.

Kick off a new year with new training courses

We’ve released several new courses this month: updated compliance courses, “Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act,” and a brand new, 5-part Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility program called BRIDGE (Belonging, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity, Generosity, and Equity). The BRIDGE courses are an excellent follow-up learning resource to the Unconscious Bias series already available, in your mission to build a workplace where employees feel they’re respected, appreciated, and that they belong.

View data your way, with more dynamic reports

We continue to add more dynamic reports across the suite. New reports are available in Performance, Learning, HR, & Payroll, and include Goal Details, Journal Details, Incomplete Training by Title, Work Address Labels, and more.


Experience updated mobile UX

User experience (UX) updates to navigation and filters will make the mobile app simpler and more intuitive to use than ever.


Use data to optimize communication 

With new Announcement Analytics, you can easily understand the reach of Community announcements. View summary detail like top views by job title and company, or drill into specifically who has/has not viewed. You can resend the announcement notification (and even target it specifically to those who didn’t already see it) if desired. This functionality builds off features like group permissions, content moderation, and recommend groups, to make it as simple as possible for administrators to set up Community and effectively use it to drive communication and collaboration.


Get new users started with Paylocity more easily than ever

You can now send system-generated registration passcodes to users via SMS, increasing the likelihood of quick enrollment with Paylocity.



If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details: