What’s New Blog | January 2023

February 14, 2023

January 2023 Releases: Fillable Forms for Workflows, Real-Time Insights on Scheduling, Video Hub, and More.

A recent survey conducted by Gartner found that the top five priorities for HR in 2023 are leader and manager effectiveness, change management, employee experience, recruiting, and future of work. Read on to learn about how our latest releases can help you start the year on the right foot.

Easily collect and access signatures and acknowledgments with fillable forms

Decrease manual tasks and easily collect signatures on important documents during the recruiting and onboarding process with fillable forms. No more tracking down people in the office—especially helpful to remote, distributed, or deskless teams—or printing/scanning documents! From handbook acknowledgements, NDAs, and onboarding paperwork, fillable forms allow you to easily capture digital signatures. You can either have one individual digitally sign a document or have multiple participants collaborate and sign off on a single form. Signatures will be automatically stored and associated with the employee's record.

Equip leaders with more customizable reporting to increase productivity and effectiveness

Experience more flexibility when creating dynamic reports. If you don’t want to use a template, you can now choose the precise fields and data to include. Use the View Fields drawer as a reference point to determine which fields are available within a data set to create a report tailored exactly for you and your business. You'll even be able to give dynamic reporting access to non-admins and apply unique security role settings. For example, you could allow a manager to view an employee skills report to see which one of their employees would be the best fit for an upcoming project but restrict access to admin only fields.

Identify staffing needs in advance with real-time Time & Labor insights

Forecast over and understaffing situations with real-time insights into Time & labor. With graphs showing actual hours, scheduled hours and the variance, managers can now effectively plan for overhead, prevent overtime, and monitor peak traffic hours. Experience fewer last-minute changes and make the scheduling process simple. In terms of broader insights, you can always use Modern Workforce Index (MWI) to identify areas of opportunity and get smart, actionable recommendations on how to improve your organization's health.

Collaborate and communicate in new ways with voice clips and Video Hub

A modern workforce calls for modern technology. Voice clips simplify team and cross-department collaboration for your company. When you are short on time, unable to write an email, or just need to explain something with words instead of text, easily record a voice clip via chat to clearly get your point across. Using voice clips while chatting over text has become increasingly popular over the years, especially with Gen Z users – And now, you can offer this feature in the workplace too!

Using video across the Paylocity suite is getting even simpler. You can now access a centralized Video Hub to easily view, create, share, and track performance all in one spot. See all the videos shared with you and gain insights into which of the videos you created has the most engagement or even when it performed best over time.

Streamline recruiting and onboarding with text messaging

Increase response rates to get more new hires involved and engaged before day one with additional texting capabilities. Now, when new hires provide their mobile number, automatic text notifications can be sent about important tasks they need to complete before their first day and reminders to download Paylocity's mobile app are sent to simplify employee access to information anytime, anywhere.

Gain greater insights with best practice survey questions and automated reminders

Gain deeper insights into your company and understand how your employees feel about upcoming changes prior to implementing them with the help of surveys. Our new question bank feature allows you to choose from a list of best practice questions, backed by industry experts, when creating your own survey. For example, if you want to gain insight into your onboarding process from recent new hires, simply visit the question bank and filter to “onboarding” for a list of questions to choose from. You can even turn on automated reminders and closings for surveys to increase completion rates. If enabled, survey reminders will be sent 3 days before the due date, 1 day before the due date, and 1 day after the due date to employees who have not completed it yet.

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