What's New Blog | June 2021

July 07, 2021

June 2021 Releases: Updates to Surveys, Performance, Benefits, and More

With our June releases, we’ve delivered capabilities to help you not just meet the challenges of the new normal, but thrive post-pandemic. Read on to learn more about a powerful new document management solution, an optimized Performance experience for company sets, increased customization when building Surveys, and more.

Document Library: Enjoy new, streamlined document management

Managing offer letters to exit documentation and everything in between can be incredibly time consuming. Our new Document Library unifies documents across the employee lifecycle to provide a holistic, single view of the employee. This new feature comes with unlimited storage. Stay compliant, organized, and secure while easily uploading, downloading and managing employee files.



Payroll: Migrate data accurately and easily

We're always looking for easier ways to help our customers migrate payroll data into the Paylocity suite. The Pay Entry API (Application Programming Interface) can connect a third-party system to pass time tracking, earnings, deductions, and/or taxes into Payroll. You can create a time import batch and/or merge into an existing batch without having to manually upload a file, reducing effort and potential for errors.


Performance: Leverage greater flexibility with goals and reviews

We know that the performance management process isn’t one size fits all; large companies require complex solutions, and even smaller teams often have specific needs. We are continuing to deliver greater flexibility into our Performance workspace, with the introduction of varying goal weights, comment-only functionality, and label-only ratings. Within your company, you may have different performance management needs, so we have released functionality to allow supervisors with employees not in their home company to seamlessly create and manage goals for those team members.


Surveys: Build surveys for better feedback and simpler analysis

We offer a variety of default Survey templates to help make using Surveys as efficient as possible—for instance, a New Hire Training template, Exit Interview template, and Pulse Survey template. Throughout 2020, we added additional templates specifically to help you navigate the pandemic—for instance the COVID-19 Symptom Check template and Return to Work Pulse Check template. All the while, we continued to make the Survey building process more customizable and easier to use. This month, we released optimizations to our survey builder:

  • A rich text editor (you can bold, underline, italicize, bullet)
  • A pinned question toolbar to make it easier to add questions from anywhere in the survey
  • Auto-save functionality that ensures you don’t lose work, and more.



Also, when you download results to CSV, multi-value responses are now split into columns for easier analysis.



Benefits: Tap into automation for new HSA limits

We understand how important it is to make Benefits as seamless as possible for busy employees and administrators, which is why our platform has functionality like open enrollment reminders and batch enrollment approvals for admins. The IRS has updated the contribution limits for HSA plans in calendar year 2022 and we’ve released updates this month so employees see the new limits when enrolling in their 2022 HSA Plan.

Also, multi-company administrators can now complete their work from any company they’re logged in from.


Community: Let employees express themselves with gifs

We’re excited to share that Community now integrates with Giphy so that users can quickly and easily use their favorite gifs to say congrats, send birthday wishes, or just celebrate that it’s Friday. So far, the most popular search term for gifs is “thank you,” followed by “happy birthday.”



Data Insights and Reporting: Get better visibility into punch source and more flexibility in dynamic reports

We never rest when it comes to expanding reporting capabilities to help you work smarter. This month, we added a new Time & Attendance standard report—the Punch Source Report—that details where employees punched (web, timeclock, kiosk, etc.) and, if applicable, the name of the device where they made each punch.



In LMS, we’ve enhanced dynamic reports to include columns for training categories, increased filter capabilities, and more.



If you’re already a Paylocity client, you can visit the Product Training Catalog or PEAK for more details: