What’s New Blog | March 2022

March 2022 Releases: Updates to automate reminders, relaunch workflows, and heighten visibility of important messages

In a recent PCTY Talks podcast, we spoke to Jon Ingham about how there will always be a need for tactical HR tasks, but how it’s critical for HR to get out of their own way and turn tactical tasks into an HR strategy. March's feature releases are all about increasing productivity, so HR and supervisors can get back to the work they want to be doing to add value to their organizations.

Ensure onboarding tasks are completed quickly

Paylocity now automates reminders to employees or groups of employees. Recent releases that have optimized the mobile I-9 experience and enable users to electronically fill out and sign PDFs ensure that employees can act on the reminders and can complete tasks easily, from wherever they are.

Save time with workflows that automatically relaunch

To make the administrator lift even lighter, workflows can be configured to launch automatically based on certain conditions, frequencies, and start dates, taking almost all the manual effort off HR’s plate.

Also, individual workflows can be rescinded from the Workflows Dashboard, which will also unassign to-do items. This is useful if you launch a workflow to the wrong audience, or if things simply change and you no longer need the information or action.

Highlight important announcements

Administrators can now configure announcements as either important or urgent, and even request acknowledgment that an announcement was read. Coupled with existing announcement analytics and re-send functionality, administrators can increase announcement reach—and take steps to improve where necessary.

Users can see if others are typing a comment in real time when they’re viewing their Community feed! Community continues to mimic the apps that your employees already use – with recent enhancements such as Giphy integration.

Eliminate claim direct deposit errors

For added flexibility in open enrollment, you can now hide employer contributions from employees. And a heads up for Spending Accounts: for accounts added after March 19, 2022, employees will need to verify their bank account(s) via a one-time micro-deposit before claims can be direct deposited.

Switch between accounts with ease

Mobile app users who have multiple pay assignments no longer need to re-enter their password when switching accounts.

Skip a step in Time & Labor setup

Administrators no longer need to work with Paylocity’s implementation teams to create supervisor or employee groups in Time & Labor. Those groups can now be created and updated automatically based on assignments in HR & Payroll.

If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details:


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